New Trail Cameras for 2015

New Trail Cameras for 2015

glance at new trail camera models in 2015We are halfway through January already and trail camera manufacturers are busy releasing their new models to market. In this blog post we will go through some of the most interesting product releases for 2015.

In general level there are few trends that can clearly be seen in 2015 trail camera models:

Simplicity. Even though it is so much fun to play with all the different features of your camera, in the end every trail camera user appreciates simplicity. Based on what we have seen, game cameras this year will be even easier to use and faster to set up.

Trigger Speeed and Recovery Time. Trigger speeds and recovery times have been improving year after year and 2015 makes no exception. This year we will see trail cameras with triggers speeds going below 0.3 seconds.

Image resolution. We will see higher megapixel numbers this year. Will they result in even better images remains to be seen.

Video resolution. 720p video with audio was more or less a standard in more expensive cameras in 2014. This year we will see more and more trail cameras that are capable of recording 1080p HD video with sound.

Black Flash. This year no-glow IR flash will no longer be the privilege of high end trail cameras. We will see more and more budget trail camera models equipped with no-glow IR flash.

Remote features. Checking your trail camera images and videos remotely or even controlling your camera via remote connection? At least Kodiak, HCO Outdoor Products, Spypoint and Stealth Cam will introduce trail cameras with remote features. While these models may be beyond the budget of our average reader, this nevertheless is the direction the industry is going in the long run.

Browning Trail Cameras

Browning starts the year by intoducing new versions of their Recon Force and Spec Ops series and also updating the Strike Force and Dark Ops sub-micro series cameras. New Browning Recon Force and Spec Ops cameras will be able to provide 1920×1080 HD video with audio. Based on the sample video uploaded to Browning’s Youtube channel the quality of the video is quite amazing.

We hope to see competive prices for these new and updated models from Browning.

Moultrie Trail Camerasmoultrie a-5 2gen trail camera

Moultrie has introduced several new models for 2015. Most interesting ones from the budget point of view are the Moultrie A-5 Gen2 and Moultrie A-7i Gen2 cameras. The new A-5 is even simpler to use than it predecessor and it now runs on AA batteries. The trigger speed is approx 1.5 seconds and the recovery time should be significantly shorter than before. List price for new A-5 is approx. $80.

Moultrie A-7i Gen2 is similar simple to use budget camera as A-5 Gen2, but it takes 7MP images and features invisible no-glow IR flash. The list price of A-7i Gen2 is roughly $115 so this may well be among the cheapest no-glow cameras in 2015.

Other interesting releases from Moultrie include M-550 Gen2 Mini Game Camera which is cheapest mini game camera in Moultrie’s selection, as well as new M-880 Gen2, M-880i Gen2 and M-990i Gen2. For more detailed info check out the video below.

Bushnell Trail Cameras

Bushnell’s new Trophy Cam Aggressor features impressive 0.2 second trigger speed. It also takes 14MP images and records 1080p HD video with sound. Aggressor series trail cameras come both in low-glow and no-glow IR flash versions.

More interesting model from model for all us tightwads is Bushnell’s Trophy Cam Essential HD. It is said to feature 0.3 s trigger speed, 12MP image resolution and 720p video recording.

 Wildgame Innovations

Trail cameras from Wildgame Innovations are typically quite wallet friendly so we are really anticipating for new K Series trail cameras that are coming out from Wildgame. New K Series Cloak 4 and K Series LightSout 4 bot feature 1-scond trigger speed, 720p HD video, 16:9 Wide Angle lens and multiple other features. The Cloak comes equipped with low-glow IR flash, whereas LightSout will have invisible Black IR flash.

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