Bushnell X-8 Review: Is This Trail Camera Worth Buying?

Bushnell X-8 Review: Is This Trail Camera Worth Buying?

Bushnell X-8 (product model 119327c) is a trail camera that can provide 2, 4 or 6 megapixels, full-color resolution daytime pictures.

Features Bushnell X-8
Image resolution 4 or 6MP high-quality full-color resolution.
Detection range45 feet
Trigger speed1 Second
Battery Powered by 4 or 8 AA batteries
Supporting modes1. Multiple shot mode: (1 or 3 images per trigger)
2. Time-lapse mode captures images at the user-set interval, 1-60 minutes
Flash 36 IR LEDs flash with a range up to 45 ft
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High quality of the black and white night time pictures are guaranteed by the impressive amount (36 pcs) of bright infrared LEDs. X-8 is also capable of recording short AVI video clips with a resolution 640 x 480 @ 30fps.

Not many customers noticed the release of this new Bushnell when it was introduced back in 2012.

Bushnell X-8 Review

Build and design

Since its release, Bushnell X-8 has collected reputation as a small-sized, value-packed trail camera that has some very impressive features.

bushnell x-8 review

X-8 is simple to use. The manual provides clear instructions which make the programming of the camera pleasant and extremely easy.

X-8 falls into price category of $150, so if you are ready to invest this amount of money you surely will get bang for your buck if you decide to buy Bushnell X-8. But before making a buying decision, make sure you read this review.

Other features of this Bushnell model include adjustable PIR sensor for detecting wildlife, multi-image mode, adjustable photo delay, and time-lapse mode.


Both day and night images provided by this trail camera are good.

Thanks to 36 bright IR LEDs, the night pictures X-8 delivers are among the best on the market. The night photos are sharp and clear, nothing like blurry fuzzy photos that are typically seen from many other trail camera models.


X-8 is powered by four or eight AA batteries (lithium or alkaline), or by 6V external power source via DC input jack.

Another minor defect of this model is that it doesn’t work with rechargeable NiMH batteries. This is because the contact points do not strike the NiMH batteries correctly.

Thus you are forced to use either alkalines or lithiums that increase the cost in the long run. (One option is to use or external power source.)

And one more thing, the battery life of the Bushnell X-8 is top of the line due to low resting current draw as, well as excellent day and night time power consumption.


  • Considering the price, the Bushnell X-8 delivers some very impressive features.
  • On top of the features, the list is an amazing trigger speed of 0.866 seconds as well as 5 seconds recovery time.
  • Even though the camera manual says that the detection range is up to 45 ft, the feedback from the customers says that X-8 can detect motion even out to 60ft.


  • One of the minor drawbacks of X-8 is the quality of day time pictures.
  • The pictures tend to be little grainy.
  • And sometimes, depending on the weather conditions, the camera produces even slightly blurry and dark day pictures.


Bushnell X-8 is a great trail camera. It is easy to use, easy to set up and takes quality pics without breaking the bank.

It is slightly cheaper than Bushnell Trophy Cam but offers a wide range of features just like Trophy Cam. If you are wondering which trail camera to buy, you really can’t go much wrong with X-8.