Moultrie Trail Camera Battery Box

Moultrie Battery Box

This external power source will extend the field life of your Moultrie Trail Camera. The power source is compatible with all Moultrie trail cameras manufactured after 2007 that have the emoultrie battery boxxternal power connection.

This battery box includes:

  • rechargeable 12-volt battery
  • weatherproof case
  • 6 ft weatherproof power cord
  • battery charger






moultrie battery box with cord



Spypoint Lithium Battery Pack with Charger

Spypoint Lithium Battery

Spypoint Lithium BatterySpypoint trail cameras are famous of their long battery life. Now you can extend the battery life your Spypoint trail camera even more. With the help of this Spypoint Lithium battery pack you will run your trail camera longer than with any standard AA batteries. This lithium battery also withstands cold weather and keeps its charge better than AA batteries.

This battery pack includes AC charger that allows you to charge the battery effortlesly in 6 hours.

Spypoint Lithium Battery features

  • charging time approx. 6 hours
  • operating temperature -20°C to +50°C, -4°F to +122°F
  • storage temperature -30°C to +75°C, -22°F to +167°F
  • voltage 7.4 volts
  • capacity 2000 mAh
  • AC charger
  • 1 year warranty




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Browning External Battery Pack

Browning Battery Pack
Browning Battery Pack

Keep your Browning trail camera running, running and running… With this Browning External Battery pack you can considerably extend the battery of your Browning Trail Camera.

This micro sized pack uses 8 AA batteries and it is compatible with alkaline and lithium batteries. Batteries are inserted hassle free via similar battery tray as in Browning trail cameras.

This Browning external battery pack also has a built in LED battery tester that allows you to easily check how much juice is left in the batteries. The battery pack is connected to your trail camera’s 12V power port with a simple twist lock plug. The pack is also equipped with tree strap for mounting.

this external battery pack comes with LED battery tester
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Moultrie 12-Volt Solar Panel

solar panel for trail camera

solar panel for trail cameraNever worry about changing the batteries in your trail camera again. This Solar Power Panel provides a continued power source for Moultrie Trail cameras and you don’t have to worry about missing a shot because of dead batteries.

Moultrie’s Power Panel is an efficient combination of a solar panel, built-in 12-volt battery and innovative software, that can extend your camera life indefinitely in the field.

Product features

  • compatible with Moultrie 2007 and later digital trail cameras
  • solar panel and built-in 12v battery
  • LCD display for solar panel and battery information
  • Limited warranty available
  • easy to mount
  • 10-ft. extension cord allows optimal placement
  • completely weather resistant

Features of the LCD screen display 12-volt solar panel for moultrie trail cams

  • shows real-time solar value that aids in mounting
  • shows daily solar average ie. daily solar efficiency
  • shows weekly solar average ie. weekly solar efficiency
  • shows built-in battery charge level


Moultrie 12V Solar panel is especially good if you own a trail camera model that eats a lot of batteries. You can save bundle of batteries and the solar panel will literally pay for itself.

The panel is very easy to use and adjust. LCD display gives you good feedback for adjusting the panel so that you can maximize the solar energy obtained.

The use of the panel also enables you to use larger memory cards in your camera when you don’t have to worry about batteries draining out.


The wires between the panel and the trail camera are thin enough for varmints like squirrels and raccoons to chew through them. This can be a real problem in some installations, so you may need to figure out a way to protect the wires.

If both the internal battery of the panel and the batteries in you trail camera ever run low, Moultrie’s cameras generally need to be reset by the user before they will begin taking pictures again. (This is is more of a problem in the Moultrie’s camera design than in the solar panel itself, but something to be aware of.)

Some customers have reported problems with the power connector with the older trail camera models (eg. Moultrie D40, Moultrie D-55). Apparently in some older models the connector does not fit properly and can fall out quite easily.


In most cases the Moultrie Power Panel is an excellent buy. In the long run you can save a ton of money not having to replace the batteries all the time. If you own a trail camera model that drains batteries easily, then this power panel is definitely a product for you.

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Photo credit: Moultrie

Solar Panel With Tripod for Spypoint Trail Cameras

Solar Panel for Spypoint Trail Cameras

Solar Panel for Spypoint Trail CamerasKeep your trail camera up and running with this Spypoint Solar Panel. Spypoint Solar Panel can be used to maintain the lithium battery pack charged into compatible Spypoint Trail Cameras. The panel can also be used to maintain the charge of any 12 volt battery.




Product Features

  • product name: Spypoint Solar Panel SP-12V
  • compatible with most Spypoint trail camera models
  • adjustable steel mounting clips
  • comes with 6 different plugs and alligator clips
  • size: 6.3″ x 4.7″