Bushnell Trophy Cam Security Box: Is it Really Durable?

Bushnell Security Box

This Bushnell security box will keep your Bushnell Trophy Cam safe. The box fits all standard IR Bushnell Trophy Cams and is designed to enclose the camera as much as possible to protect it from elements.

The box is made of high-quality 16-gauge steel and has a baked-on powder coat finish. In addition, the box has camo break-up paint finishing.

This safety box can be lag bolted or belted to the tree. It is also lockable with a padlock and compatible with python cable locks for added security

Bushnell trophy cam security box


The Bushnell Trophy Cam Security Box is an option that you might want to consider if you have a Bushnell Trail Camera in the wild.

With durable materials used in the security box, it can be considered as the primary layer to protect the camera not only from the weather but from animals as well.

Bushnell Security Box

You have to expect that some animals are curious. What the security box does is prevent the camera from being damaged even if the animal decided to chew the camera.

And since it is a metal box, you can have the confidence that it is even protection from vandals if you plan on using the trail camera for home security purpose.

Product features
bushnell trophy cam lock box

  • Fits All Standard IR Bushnell Trophy Cams
  • High Quality 16 Gauge Steel
  • Baked on Powder Coat with Camo Break-Up Finishing
  • Excellent Protection From Elements
  • Python Compatible
  • Manufactured by CAMLOCKBOX


This Trail Cam Lock Box can be considered a good investment by those who are serious about protecting their camera. Made of durable steel metal, you don’t have to worry that it gets damaged by a few drops or even if some vandal decides to throw something in the direction of your trail camera.

Also, if you already have the security box, you can have it bungeed, belted to a post or on a tree. It ultimately means that it won’t stop the trail camera from functioning according to how it should be. It can even stop animals from damaging the trail camera even if they attempt to chew it.

Python Adjustable Locking Cable

Python Cable Lock
Python Cable Lock

Python Adjustable Locking Cable is the ultimate security solution for tree stands, ATVs, car top racks, and for trail cameras.

You can adjust the cut-resistant 6′ by 5/16″ braided steel cable to any position from 6 to 6-Feet.

The locking cable features a durable ABS bumper with scratch-resistant camo finish, and pick resistant pin tumbler locking mechanism. The excess cable is held in place by a handy Velcro strip.

Build and design

The Python Adjustable Locking Cable has been designed specifically for the outdoors. It’s commonly being used for trail cameras that are set up on trees, posts, and other things in the wild.

With the Patented cable locks that come with keys that can provide the right fit, you can secure your camera and not worry about strong winds or water that can get your camera out of focus.

It makes use of braided steel. It is also rust-resistant which is perfect for those who love the outdoors especially when you are dealing with changing temperatures.

You don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion because of the superior vinyl coating in the cables. It is also 6 feet long, giving you enough length to work with.


When it comes to testing the durability of the Python Adjustable Locking Cable, it passes the test with flying colors.

The overall construction of the Python Adjustable Locking Cable allows it to support different equipment whether it’s a trail camera or even a cooler on top of your car.

It has steel cables protected by vinyl coating plus it has patented steel cable locks that can keep the tightness.

Also, you have to take note that it has an 8mm outside diameter making sure that it can hold decent weight whether you plan on setting it up on a tree and secure a kayak. It comes with two keys.


  1. 6 feet long
  2. 8mm diameter
  3. Patented cable locks
  4. Adjustable cable locks
  5. Steel cable

Being 6 feet long and made of durable steel material, it fits different outdoor applications. It is a flexible adjustable cable option for outdoor enthusiasts.

It can be used not only to secure a trail camera but also ensure that your cooler doesn’t fall off your kayak or your car.

Then, you also have the patented cable lock that can keep everything tight and in place. Because of this, you can have peace of mind regardless of the outdoor conditions.

The vinyl coating on the cable makes the Python Adjustable Locking Cable a worthwhile investment since the metal part won’t rust even if it is exposed to rain and moisture.


Is it one of the best cable lock options?

The Python Adjustable Locking Cable is a heavy-duty cable lock option especially if you like bringing heavy things during your trips.

Not only does it offer a thick cable to secure everything, but it also offers a great lock that can support everything in place.

You will need to have a bolt cutter if you want to break the steel cables. This is the reason why you will have two keys to ensure that you can have a spare.

The common complaint though is that you can have a hard time using the locks in some instances. And also, since it is quite big, it can attract some attention if you are going to use it to secure your trail camera.

Security Box for Browning Sub Micro Series

Browning Safety Box

Browning Safety BoxThis sturdy security box will keep your Browning Sub Micro Series Trail Cameras safe. Keep your trail camera protected from thieves and animals alike. Made from heavy 16-gauge steel, this security box is nearly unbreakable.

The safety box can be fastened with large headed bolts, it can be belted, bungeed or lag bolted the way you like. You can use standard padlock to lock the box or apply Python Cable Lock to ensure that your box stays safe and in place you installed it.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with Browning Sub Micro Series Trail Cameras (eg. Browning Strike Force Sub Micro, Browning Dark Ops Sub Micro)
  • made from 16 gauge steel
  • baked-on powder coat finish
  • additional camo breakup paint
  • compatible with standard padlocks as well as Python cable
  • variety of fastening methods
  • Manufactured by CAMLOCKbox



Stealth Cam Security Box for G SERIES Trail Cameras

Stealth Cam Security Box

Stealth Cam Security BoxKeeping your trail camera protected is easy. With this this security box you will protect your trail camera from thieves and bears. Stealth Cam’s Security Bear Box is made of sturdy 10 gauge powder coated steel.


You can mount this security box into a tree directly with bolts or strap it the way you like. The security box also includes slots for Python cable.






  • made of 10 gauge steel
  • powder coated finish
  • multiple mounting options
  • compatible with Stealth Cam G Series Trail Cameras





Security Box for Primos ULTRA Series Trail Cameras

Security box for Primos ULTRA

Security box for Primos ULTRAEven though the trail cameras are rather inexpensive nowadays, surely you don’t want your trail camera to get stolen. If you own a Primos Truth Cam ULTRA series camera, then here is a solution for you.

Already the appearance of this security box will dishearten potential trail camera thiefs. This box is made of heavy duty 14 gauge steel and it is equipped with double secure locking tabs. The locking tabs fit up to 1/2 inch padlock construction.

Attachment holes in the box allow you fasten it with 3/8 inch lag bolts. Feel that its not enough? Well, luckily this box also features a 1/2 inch cable hole, perfect for adding security by using steel wire or Python cable lock.

Please note that this security box only works with ULTRA series trail cameras. If you are an owner of older Truth Cam model, please consider this option.


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Spypoint SB-91 Security Box

Security Box for Spypoint Trail Camera

Security Box for Spypoint Trail CameraSB-91 Security Box for Spypoint Trail Camera

Product Features

  • made of steel
  • easy to use, thanks to removable front
  • holes on the back to enable cable-lock
  • holes on the back to enable screwing the box for better security
  • hole on front for lock installation
  • compatible with Spypoint FL-A, IR-5, IR-6, IR-8, IR-10, PRO-X, PRO-X Plus and Bloodline models
  • size 3.2 x 6.2 x 8 inches


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Cam Lock Box for Moultrie D55 Trail Camera

Security Box for Moultrie D55This security box fits Moultrie D55 and Moultrie D55IR trail cameras. Please note that this box is not compatible with Moultrie D-55IRXT model.

It has an all steel construction with baked on powder coat finish and camo break paint.

The box can be screwed, lag bolted or bungee strapped to a tree. For added security you can use a Python Cable or a standard master lock.

The safety box has holes for the additional battery pack option.

Product features

  • baked on powder coat finish
  • all steel construction
  • protects your camera from the elements,theft and animals
  • compatible with Python Cable


Security Box for Primos Truth Cam 35,46,and 60

Security Box for Primos
Security Box For Primos Truth CamKeep your Primos Truth Cam safe with this sturdy security box. You can use Python Cable or master lock padlock, or the box can be lagbolted, belted, or bungeed to the tree.

Once the box is secured to the tree the camera can be removed or put in place without removing or repositioning the box itself. The camera will always point back to the same spot.

Manufactured by CAMLOCKbox. Made in USA.



Product features

  • compatible with Primos Truth Cam 35, 46 and 60
  • baked on powder coat finish
  • robust all steel construction
  • camo paint
  • compatible with Python Cable
  • protects camera from the elements,theft and animals
  • made by CAMLOCKbox in USA


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