Covert Scouting MP6 Camera: Great Budget-Friendly Trail Camera

On this review, we concentrate on perhaps one of their best selling models, known as Covert Scouting MP6 Trail Camera.

Features Covert Scouting MP6
Image resolution Adjustable image resolution (6, 5, or 3 MP)
Battery Powered by 4 or 8 AA batteries
Supporting modes1.Time-lapse mode
2. Photo burst mode takes 1, 2, or 3 shots per trigger
3. Start-stop mode allows you to select the time the camera is operational
Flash range Red Glow IR flash with a range up to 40ft.
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Covert Scouting Cameras Inc. is a company providing various trail camera models from basic entry-level cameras to more advanced ones under the brand of Covert Scouting Cameras, or more commonly just Covert.

Covert Scouting MP6 Camera Review

Build and design

Covert Scouting MP6 is a nice package. Setting up is easy, thanks to the color display and user-friendly setting logic. The casing is well designed and waterproof. Camouflage pattern and somewhat small size make it easy to conceal in the woods.

covert MP6 review

That means of course that its price has come down as newer Covert models have entered the market. And the lower price is something that naturally suits us, the customers, perfectly.

Covert MP6 is actually an older model in Covert’s line-up of trail cameras as it has been on the market at least since 2012.


Covert MP6 provides solid quality 6-megapixel daytime pictures and more than adequate night time pictures as well. The 28 LED red glow IR flash of the camera has enough power to nicely illuminate objects that are within 40 ft.

The nighttime shots are not as good as the daytime ones but can be considered as average.

Other worth-to-mention features of this camera include time-lapse, photo burst and start-stop modes, adjustable PIR sensor and color display to view the settings as well the photos on the field. You can also select the resolution of still images and video clips.

Detection circuit

The detection range of Covert Scouting MP6 is really good; it is able to detect motion even up to 70ft. Also, the detection width is really good, almost too good actually, as the detection width is wider than the camera’s field of view, and that can result to empty frames.

The trigger speed is on the average level; approx. 1.2 seconds, but the recovery time of approx 5 seconds is not bad at all for a camera at this price point.


MP6 stores the photos and videos on standard SD card; you can use SD card size up to 16GB. The camera is powered by AA batteries and you can select whether you want to use four or eight batteries to run it.

If you use a full set of 8 AA Lithium batteries to power it, it will take months before you need to start worrying about running out of juice. And you can extend the operating time even more by attaching 6V external power pack to the camera.


  • The daytime picture quality is simply good.
  • And when you reflect the picture quality to the price of this camera, we can say that the value MP6 provides in this area is excellent.
  • The battery life of this camera is absolutely superb. So if you are looking for a trail camera that can operate a long time on its own, this might be a camera for you.
  • The detection range of MP6 is very good as it can detect movement up to 70 ft.


  • Because of the red glow, IR LED flash, Covert MP6 might not be the best option for property surveillance.
  • Also, the range of the flash is rather limited when compared to some competing models.
  • Since the detection area is wider than the camera’s field of view, you may end up getting some empty photos.


Covert MP6 is a good basic trail camera. The overall quality of the camera is good and the majority of the customers seem to be more than satisfied with it.

And the price is not bad either. To put it briefly Covert MP6 is a solid choice for any budget-minded hunter or any trail camera enthusiast out there.

Covert MP8 Black IR Flash Trail Camera

Covert Scouting MP8 Black IR Trail Camera Review
Covert Scouting MP8 Black IR Trail Camera Review

Covert MP8 Black is 2014 model from Covert Scouting Cameras. The manufacturer says that it is an improved version of their MP6 model that we have reviewed in here.

The biggest differences, when compared to MP6, are 8-megapixel image ratio and black IR flash. There are also two camouflage options in MP8; the usual Mossy Oak pattern as well as licensed Realtree camo.

Based on the daytime image quality, MP8 really seems to do things little better than MP6. The daytime images are really clear, sharp and colorful. When there is plenty of daylight available the images are plain beautiful, and MP8 does a solid good job even when the amount of light goes down.

Covert MP8 review

The nighttime images are decent but the fact that the camera has a no-glow IR flash can clearly be seen in the images. As expected, the images are darker, more grainy and not quite as well illuminated as with Covert MP6.

Covert MP8 Black can detect movement up to 70ft. The trigger speed of 1.3 seconds is not the best possible as the majority of today’s trail cameras at this price range can go below 1 second. The recovery time is approx. 5 seconds and one can totally live with it.

A nice feature in the camera is the possibility to view the photos in the field via the small color display. Even though the screen is small it might come handy from time to time. Other basic features include time-lapse mode, photo burst, and start-stop modes as well as adjustable PIR sensor sensitivity.

While most of today’s trail cameras are compatible with SD trail cameras up to 32GB, MP8 Black can handle max 16GB SD cards. This is something to keep in mind if you are planning to shoot a lot of videos or time-lapse photos with short intervals.

Covert MP8 Black IR Features

  1. 8MP image resolution (adjustable 8, 5, or 3 MP)
  2. Trigger speed of 1.3 seconds, recovery time approx. 5 seconds
  3. 5-60 seconds video clips at 640×480 or 320×240 resolution
  4. 40 invisible IR LEDs flash with a range up to 40ft.
  5. adjustable PIR sensor (HIGH, NORMAL, LOW)
  6. time-lapse mode
  7. photo burst mode, takes 1, 2, or 3 shots per trigger
  8. start stop mode allows you to select the time the camera is operational
  9. adjustable trigger interval 5-60 seconds and 1-60 minutes
  10. manual photo/video mode
  11. photos tagged with time, date, moon phase and temperature info
  12. password protection
  13. color display to view the photos on field
  14. mini USB and 6V external power connections
  15. compatible with SD memory cards up to 16 GB
  16. powered by 4 or 8 AA batteries (8xAA recommended)
  17. Mossy Oak or Realtree camouflage
  18. integrated strap loop
  19. Python® cable compatible
  20. one year warranty


  • MP8 Black is a user-friendly piece of device. It is easy to set up thanks to user-friendly setting logic and clear instruction manual. The casing is sturdy and waterproof and is available with two different camouflage options (Mossy Oak or Realtree).
  • When it comes to daytime image quality, Covert MP8 Black is at least as good as the competing models like Browning and Stealth Cam. It indeed takes beautiful images.
  • Superb battery life is one of the biggest strong points of MP8. If you are looking for a game camera that can operate a long time on its own, this one is a really good option. 8 AA batteries will keep the camera juiced for a long, long time and you can even extend the operating time by attaching 6V external power pack to the camera.
  • Detection range of MP8 is really nice, up to 70 ft.


  • Trigger speed and recovery time could both be better for a camera of this price.
  • The flash range and power are quite limited when compared to some competing models. Due to this fact, nighttime images tend to be dim and grainy.
  • You may end up getting some empty photos since the detection area is wider than the camera’s field of view.
  • A minor flaw is that the camera only supports SD cards up to 16GB.


Covert MP8 Black trail camera is a nice little package. Thanks to low power consumption and no-glow IR flash it is a viable option especially for surveillance purposes. Excellent daytime image quality makes it a good option for any use basically.

If the camera was a little cheaper it would be a very competitive option. Now it is priced roughly the same as Browning Dark Ops & Strike Force and unfortunately, these models still provide slightly better bang for your buck.

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