Stealth Cam G30 Review: Best Trail Cam With Full of Features

Stealth Cam G30 Review

Today in this post we are reviewing Stealth Cam G30.

Features Stealth Cam G30
Detection range 80 feet
Trigger speed 0.5 sec
Battery 8 AA batteries
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Stealth Cam introduced its new G-series trail cameras at the beginning of 2014. Two feature packed trail cameras, Stealth Cam G42NG and Stealth Cam G30 were presented to the public.

We have reviewed Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo and were impressed by the value that the camera offers. You can read the detailed review of G42 in here. In this review, we dig into G42’s little brother model, Stealth Cam G30.

Stealth Cam G30 review

Design and build

The case design of G30 is solid. The case is small, durable, weatherproof and it allows you to use external mount due to ¼” -20 socket.

The camera comes equipped with an adjustable mounting strap, but if you are not planning to use a security box, it is recommended to at least secure your camera with Python cable lock.

G30 has similar battery tray as in G42NG so changing the batteries is a no brainer.


Stealth Cam G30 review

The daytime photo quality can be considered good. The images are not as vivid and crisp as with G42NG, but they are still quite good.

Quality of the night time images is at least on the same level as G42NG. The flash range of G30 is approximately 80 ft. and the IR flash has plenty of power to illuminate the objects nicely throughout the scene.

Actually, G30 tends to have more consistency than G42NG when it comes to the quality of night time shots.

There are very few blurry or otherwise failed images. The only problem with G30 night shots is the whiteout of close objects. However, this problem is not nearly as bad and frequent as in G42.

Other than flash range and the type and the image resolution, there are very few differences between G30 and G42NG.

The trigger speed and recovery times are roughly the same and the same burst mode, time delay, and time-lapse mode options can be found from both cameras. G30 also has the same Quick Set mode that allows you to set up your trail camera in no time.


Let’s start with the price, shall we?

The list price of Stealth Cam G30 is somewhere around $160 but already you can find it on sale at roughly at $100.

This pricing makes G30 a worthy alternative to game cameras like Moultrie D444, Browning Spec Ops and Covert MP6, just to name a few.

Stealth Cam G30 succeeds in comparisons also when it comes to features and performance of the camera. G30 takes 8-megapixel images and records HD video with audio. Already these properties are respectable for a trail camera equipped with this kind of price tag.

Detection circuit 

  1. Picture trigger: 0.5 seconds
  2. Picture recovery speed: 5 seconds 
  3. Video trigger:  0.5 seconds
  4. Video recovery speed: 5 seconds
  5. Detection range: 80 feet

One of the things praised by Stealth cam reviews about the G30 is its trigger speed. Just like the Stealth Cam g42ng this Stealth Cam No Glow camera offers a fast trigger speed at 0.5 seconds.

It makes sure that it can capture images and videos of animals moving in the wild. And just like the Stealth Cam STC P12, it does have a burst mode.

Now, as far as recovery is concerned, you will have to wait for five seconds before it becomes ready to shoot again. In most scenarios, it already misses the animal moving within its 80-foot range.


You have two options to power the Stealth Cam G30 Trail Camera. You can make use of 8 AA batteries or you can also opt to have a 12V external power to run the trail camera. In most scenarios, 8 AA batteries can last for weeks.

But of course, it depends on different factors. If you are going to use it at night, then expect it to not last that long given that it is going to run the IR LEDs.


  • Changing the batteries is an issue you won’t be dealing with very often with this camera.
  • The battery life of G30 is excellent and the camera can operate months with one set of batteries.
  • The trigger speed is surprisingly fast for an affordable trail cam like this. The recovery time of 5 seconds should be ok for most users.
  • Quick Set up switch is brilliant if you don’t want to waste time setting up your camera. Just use one of the three preprogrammed options and your camera is ready to shoot.


  • Some night time shots suffer from whiteout, especially if the object is close to the camera.
  • Day time image quality could be better, especially when you compare it to photos of Stealth Cam G42 NG.
  • There is quite a lot of variation in the quality; some shots are perfect while others appear dim and slightly out of focus.


Stealth Cam G30 is a good option for those who are not after the cheapest trail camera on the market, but who also don’t want to empty their wallet completely.

G30 offers a wide range of features, ease of use, and excellent battery life at a reasonable price.

While it does not excel in picture quality, it still offers average or above average images.

Stealth Cam E38NXT Review: Is This Trail Camera Any Good?

Stealth Cam E38NXT is a great example of this progress. It is a great combination of tested technology and innovations that once again take the user-friendliness to the next level.

Features Stealth Cam E38NXT
Image resolution8 MP
Detection range50 feet
Trigger speed0.75 Seconds
Battery8 AA batteries
Memory32 GB
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Day by day, model by model trail cameras keep getting smaller, more feature-rich, and in most cases easier to use.

Pricing-wise Stealth Cam E38 falls in between the basic cheap ones (Moultrie A-5, Stealth Cam P12 and so on) and the more pricey models (Browning Dark Ops, Moultrie M-880, etc.).

Currently sold roughly at $100, this model is good value and delivers exactly those features that you would expect to get at this amount of money.

Stealth Cam E38NXT Review

Design and build

One of the best innovations in this game camera model, if we think about the user-friendliness, is the placement of the camera controls.

The buttons and LCD display are located on the side of the camera. Thus you don’t need to open the camera in order to set it up like in most trail camera models.

Naturally, this arrangement leaves the buttons and display available for elements, but so far we haven’t stumbled upon any complaints related to weather-proofness of the camera.


E38NXT is an 8-megapixel trail camera that is also capable of recording max. 5-minute video clips with sound in HD quality. The daytime image and video quality are really good as expected for an 8MP/HD camera.

The night time photos are not quite as good as you could expect, but definitely not bad either.

Like the other new Stealth Cam models, also E38NXT has the Quick Set function that allows you to set up the trail camera without hassle.

But this model also offers plenty of fun for those who want to play with different features, including Burst Mode, Programmable Trigger Interval, Time Lapse and more.

The SD card slot, external power connection, quick set slide switch and battery tray are located on the bottom of the camera, so in practice, everything in this camera is accessible without opening the camera case.

The Quick Set slide switch at the bottom of the camera allows you to select one of the following pre-set programs:
A: 8MP images – 30-sec delay – 3 images per trigger
B: 8MP images – 30-sec delay – 6 images per trigger
MANUAL: 1.3MP images – 30-sec delay – 1 image per trigger (This is default setting but can be changed by the user)
OFF: Powers down the unit completely
TEST: For determining the camera’s PIR sensor coverage area.

Detection circuit

This Stealth Cam model has a trigger speed of 0.75s which is very good for a camera of this price point. Recovery time of 5 seconds is quite standard in today’s trail cameras.

E38NXT features IR flash consisting of 38 LEDs. The manufacturer claims that the flash has a range up to 50ft, but according to some customer feedback the range can be even close to 70ft.


Stealth Cam E38NXT is powered by 8 AA batteries and supports SD memory cards up to 32GB. The manufacturer recommends the use of Class 10 SD cards with this model.

The camera also has an external 12V power connection for power packs. There is also a connection for the solar panel but that feature is not in use in this particular model.


  • This camera has a great design. First of all, it is small, approximately the size of your hand.
  • The placement of the controls is brilliant and the same applies to the battery tray and SD card slot locations.
  • Thanks to Quick Set slide switch you can have it set up in no time. Test mode allows you to check the PIR sensor coverage quite accurately.
  • The trigger speed is excellent for a camera in this price group. And you can’t complain about recovery time either.


  • But there is room for improvement in night shots.
  • Also, the video quality during the night is not the best possible. The videos tend to be quite grainy.


Stealth Cam E38NXT is like a breath of fresh air. It does the basic job well and also introduces new ideas by placing the controls outside the casing.

The camera is quite affordable and offers plenty of features to play with. If you are searching for a trail camera that can offer a little bit more than the very basic cheap models out there, then E38NXT might just be the camera you are looking for.

Stealth Cam P12 Review: Best Opt for Beginners

Today we are going to review the best trail cam by Stealth Cam i.e. Stealth Cam P12.

Stealth Cam P12 Specs:

Features Stealth Cam P12
Image resolution6.0 Megapixel images
SD cardUpto 32GB
Battery type8 AA
Detection range40 feet
Recovery time5 seconds
Special featuresadjustable image resolution (Hi 6MP/Med 4MP/Lo 2MP)
Burst mode 1-6 images per triggering
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There are two distinct groups when it comes to affordable trail cameras.

First, there are the more advanced cameras with better image quality, perhaps HD video recording and various different shooting modes to choose from.

Stealth Cam P12 in-depth review

Typically cameras in this group are priced somewhere between $100 and $135.

The second group consists of very basic and cheap trail cameras. These cameras typically include only the most essential features and provide mediocre images. Cameras in this group are typically priced between $40 and $70.

Stealth Cam P12 is a 6-megapixel trail camera that clearly belongs to the latter group. It is an easy to use basic trail camera that gets the job done and that’s it.

STC-P12 features quite modest 12 IR LED flash, EZ Dial Programming with Quick Set, burst mode and programmable trigger interval.

Build and design

Stealth cam stc-p12 stays true to being a trail camera for the outdoors. But unlike other trail cameras, it can also function as a security camera thanks to its discreet and heavy-duty construction.

Some homeowners today made use of the Cam 6 for their home security to monitor who goes in and out of their property. 

When it comes to its durability, users won’t worry about bumps here and there since GSM p12s camera is protected by a plastic case that can withstand the changing weather. The plastic seals the entire system of the camera from dust and moisture as well. 

One of the most common stealth cam problems is the bulky design of trail cameras. This has been addressed by the makers of Stealth Cam P12.

It is small, making it the perfect camera that won’t be noticed by animals. And also, setting up the camera also won’t be an issue given the fact that it has the necessary contraptions for straps. 


Daytime images provided by this trail camera are surprisingly good. The images are sharp and colorful with good contrast. There is very little or no blur in the images even though the trigger speed of Stealth Cam P12 is not among the fastest ones.

Unfortunately, the quality of the night time images is average or below. Moving objects are blurry more often than not, and the modest IR flash is able to provide an adequate amount of light only on the center of the field of view.

On the other hand, modest IR flash ensures that you should not experience whiteout in the pictures with this camera.

One of the best features in this model is the EZ Dial Programming with Quick Set; a simple dial switch that allows you to select one of the three preprogrammed settings or use a custom setting of your own.

The quick-set options are as follows:

stealth cam p12 quick dial
  1. QSET1: 6MP images – 30-sec delay – 3 images per trigger
  2. QSET2: 6MP images – 30-sec delay – 1 image per trigger
  3. QSET3: VGA video– 30-sec delay – 10-sec length
  4. CUSTOM: 4MP images – 5-sec delay – 1image per trigger (This is default setting but can be changed by the user)
  5. TEST MODE: Mode for determining the camera’s PIR sensor coverage area.


Stealth Cam P12 is powered by 8 AA batteries and can support SD memory cards up to 32GB.

One set of batteries should keep the camera running easily at least for 3 months, in most cases even longer depending on the way you use the camera (images vs. video shooting) as well as the weather conditions.

Detection circuit 

  1. Picture trigger: 5 seconds
  2. Picture recovery: 1 minute 
  3. Video trigger: 5 seconds 
  4. Video recovery: 1 minute 
  5. Detection range: 40 feet

The Stealth Cam P12 offers 5 seconds for its trigger which is decent for this kind of trail camera. Though it isn’t the fastest, it can still do a good job monitoring slow-moving animals in the wild.

It can detect moving objects within 40 feet. It means that even if an animal is still quite far, users are going to already get a picture or a video of it. 

However, the camera doesn’t do a good job when it comes to its recovery. 60 seconds to take another photo or video is somewhat slow for this type of camera.

If you are going to read a bunch of game change reviews, they’d mention that the camera may have already missed animals that entered its detection range.

It means that there are instances when you only have one chance to capture an animal that entered the camera’s range. 


  • One of the biggest assets of this trail camera is the daytime image quality.
  • The images are simply beautiful for a cheap model like this.
  • Using Stealth Cam P12 is a no brainer.
  • EZ Dial Programming allows you to set up the camera in no time.
  • P12 is one of the cheapest quality trail cameras out there.


  • Nighttime image quality is below average.
  • Trigger speed could be better.
  • The manufacturer has not defined the trigger speed of this model, but it is estimated that it is above 1 second.
  • The shortest recovery time is 5 seconds, which is also quite long.


It’s time to end up this stealth cam p12 review.

Stealth Cam P12 is already among the top 15 best selling trail camera models at It is highly probable that it will be among the top 5 in the near future.

The price is roughly at the same level as the leading competing models (Moultrie A-5, Primos Truth Cam 35) and feature-wise P12 is at least on the same level.

Only time will tell if big flaws will be found from this model, but so far it seems that this trail camera is solid Stealth Cam quality, making Stealth Cam P12 definitely one of the best budget trail camera options out there.

Not necessarily a recommended option for fast game trails, but without a doubt an excellent choice for example for deer feeders

Stealth Cam G42NG Review: Is This Low-Budget Camera Reliable?

In this post, we are going to review Stealth Cam G42NG Trail Camera

Features Stealth Cam G42NG
Detection range60 ft
Memory32 GB
Battery 8 AA batteries
Image resolutionAdjustable resolution 10,8,4 and 2 MP
Amazon product pageCheck price

History of Stealth Cam goes way back. Stealth Cam trail cameras were launched by GSM Outdoors already in the year 2000 and they can be considered as “the brand” that made trail cameras mainstream.

In 2004 Stealth Cam went digital by introducing Wildview brand and combining digital cameras with the simple user interface in their trail cameras.

After these milestones, Stealth Cam has been leading the way in the development of hunting cameras by introducing the world’s first HD trail camera in 2009 and 3-in-1 trail camera (TRIAD) in 2010.

Stealth Cam G42 review

Due to the increased amount of trail camera manufacturers and intensified competition Stealth Cam as a brand may not be as popular as it used to be in the early days of trail cameras. But that does not mean that they can’t make excellent trail cameras anymore.

Actually, the opposite is true, and Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo is a great example of that.

Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Camera is currently one of the best selling Stealth Cam models. It is not among the cheapest hunting cameras on the market today, but with a price of roughly $125 it surely belongs in the group of top affordable trail cameras.

Stealth Cam G42NG competes for nip and tuck with Moultrie M-880, Bushnell Trophy Cam and various Browning models both in price and in features.

Build and design 

The Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Camera was built for the rugged terrain and the changing weather.

With a plastic that can tolerate a few bumps, you can guarantee that this trail camera can match the user’s lifestyle in the outdoors.

The plastic material used in this trail camera is known for protecting the interior of the device. 

If you will read a few Stealth Camera reviews, hunters praise this camera for being able to withstand the hardest terrains and climate.

This stealth game camera can be used for the winter, rainy season, or even during the hot summer days. 

Also, the design of its casing was meant to keep the moisture out. Plus, you also don’t have a difficult time when it comes to hiding the trail camera. With a camo exterior, it can blend easily with the leaves and the bark of the trees.

You won’t have a problem whether you are observing an animal or you are looking to use it as a security camera at home. 

The setup for this camera won’t be a problem as well. It can easily be strapped on a tree or even on a post and you can simply wait what the camera is going to observe.


G42NG is a 10-megapixel no-glow trail camera, also capable of recording up to 180 second HD video clips with sound.

G42NG actually allows you to select the image resolution from four different options (10MP, 8MP, 4MP, and 2MP).

We recommend purchasing the biggest possible SD card and then using the 10MP option of the camera as the images the camera produces with this full resolution are just outstanding.

There are also two options for the video resolution; 1280×720 and 720×480.

The flash of this Stealth Cam model is a beast. 42 no-glow IR emitters provide a range of 100ft. In some occasions the flash is almost too powerful, leading to white-out on close objects.

Otherwise, the night time shots are exceptionally good for a no-glow camera. There is plenty of illumination and very little graininess or blur in the night time shots.

Full of features

Stealth Cam (2) G42NG

Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo is truly a trail camera for those who love to play with different features. There is a burst mode that takes 1-9 shots per triggering, blur reducing option, time-lapse mode, time delay mode, test mode for testing detection area, etc.

One of the brilliant features is the Quick Set Mode that allows you to select from one of the three preprogrammed modes.

Preprogrammed modes are simply selected by slider switch and that’s all there is to it. And in case you are not happy with any of the preprogrammed modes, you can put the slider switch in the custom selection and program the camera the way you want it.

Detection circuit (Lightning fast, excellent detection)

  1. Picture trigger: 0.5 seconds
  2. Picture recovery: 5 S
  3. Video trigger: 0.5 seconds
  4. Video recovery: 5 S
  5. Detection range: 40 feet

Stealth Cam G42NG is one of the fastest trail cameras on the market when it comes to triggering speed.

Thanks to Stealth Cam’s Reflex™ technology the trigger speed is lightning fast 0.5 seconds and the shortest recovery time is only 5 seconds.

As mentioned the trigger speed is lightning fast. The recovery time could be better but is still on a good level.

The detection area of the camera is both wide and deep. Stealth Cam uses so-called Multi-Zone detection that allows accurate coverage at angle & distance, maximizing the cameras triggering capability. G42NG can detect motion even up to 60ft.


  • Daytime images are really top quality.
  • Focus is perfect and the images are vivid and full of color.
  • There is no blur in daytime pictures.
  • Detection circuit works very well.
  • G42NG is really easy to set up and thanks to Quick Set slider switch you have your camera up and running in no time.
  • The case design is excellent.
  • The case is durable and the camera can be mounted either by using a strap or external mount thanks to ¼” -20 sockets.
  • The camera can be secured with Python cable and in addition protected with a password.
  • A battery change is made really easy by a removable battery tray.


  • In general night time shots of No-Glo trail cameras tend to be grainy and dim.
  • Stealth Cam G42NG doesn’t have these problems so in that perspective the night time images are good. But the biggest problem is that the powerful flash white-outs the objects in close distance, especially if the objects are in the center of the image.
  • Luckily this problem does not occur in every shot, and hopefully, this is an issue that will be fixed by a firmware update at some point in the near future.


Now it’s time to wind up Stealth Cam G42NG review.

G42NG is an excellent trail camera and goes to our top five list of affordable trail cameras. It offers excellent day time images and videos and plenty of features to play with.

The only real problem of this model is the white-out in some night pictures. But in principle, there really is no good reason why you should not buy Stealth Cam G42NG.