Wildview TK40 Scouting Camera Review: The Best No Glow Trail Camera

Wildview TK40 is one of the best no-glow trails cameras available in the market today.

Majority of trail cameras on the market today are equipped with so-called low-glow IR flashes, meaning that the IR flash emits very little visible light.

Features Wildview TK40
Image resolution 2 resolution settings – 8mp / 5mp
Detection range50 feet
Trigger speedLess than 1 second
Memory32 GB
Battery8 AA batteries
Supporting modesTime-lapse mode
Burst mode 1/3/6 shots per triggering
Flash 40 no-glow IR LEDs flash with a range up to 50 ft
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In most cases, the flash is barely visible to the human eye. However more an more cameras are popping up equipped with no-glow IR flashes.

For now, these no-glow cameras have been on the expensive side, but there are few models out there that can be categorized as affordable. Wildview TK40 is one of those models.

Wildview TK40 Review


wildview tk40 review

Wildview TK40 does, however, feature a burst mode that captures 1, 3 or 6 pictures per trigger. This mode can in some circumstances compensate for the long recovery time.

TK40 does, however, feature a burst mode that captures 1, 3 or 6 pictures per trigger. This mode can in some circumstances compensate for the long recovery time.

In addition to burst mode, Wildview TK40 features four different delay options, a time-lapse mode and HD video recording with sound.

The 50 ft range of the IR flash is quite nice considering it is a No Glow flash that does not spook the game.

Wildview TK40 actually lets you select the number of LEDs to be used in the flash (30 or 40) which allows you to extend the battery life. The detection zone of TK40 is also quite good, reaching out to 50 ft while the detection angle is 50 degrees.

Detection circuit

Wildview TK40 is a sister model of Wildview TK30 which is a low-glow trail camera. Both cameras are equipped with new ZX7 processors for increased battery life and trigger speed.

The trigger speed of TK40 is really impressive, less than one second.

The downside is that the minimum delay (recovery time) between triggers is 20 seconds. Long recovery time can significantly limit the use of this trail camera, as it may not be the best option to capture fast-moving trail.


Setting up TK40 is really quick and easy as everything is controlled with a few toggle switches.TK40 is powered by 8 AA batteries which allow you to use rechargeable batteries and save tons of money in the long run.

Wildview TK40 stores the photos and videos on SD memory card and it supports SD cards up to 32GB.


  • One of the biggest benefits of Wildview TK40 is the fast, less than one second, trigger speed. Fast trigger speed combined with nice detection area, and the fact that the detection angle (50 degrees) is actually little wider than the field of view (48 degrees), makes TK40 a trail camera that seldom misses a shot.
  • Another big bonus is the no-glow flash that does not spook the game. The flash has an adequate range and in general, TK40 produces quite nice night time pictures.
  • Thanks to toggle switch controls, TK40 is really easy to set up and operate. Most likely you won’t be needing the instruction manual at all.
  • Even though the battery life of TK40 is below the average, the good thing is that it does use AA batteries, which allows you to use rechargeable Lithium or NiMH batteries with it and save money over time.


  • One of the biggest drawbacks of TK40 is the long recovery time of 20 seconds. This really limits the use of this model, making it most suitable for feeders and bait stations.
  • Another big flaw is the fact that TK40 misses all the accessory features that most other trail camera models nowadays have as standard. While TK40 does have an integrated strap loop for mounting, it has no Python cable compatibility or threated camera mount insert.


Wildview TK40 is an option if you are looking for an affordable no-glow camera. It is also an option if you are looking for easy to use a camera to a feeder or bait station.

It can also be used, with some limitations, as a security camera to monitor your property.

TK40 has its flaws though and therefore you should familiarize yourself with other low-cost no-glow options, like Moultrie D-555i, or Browning Spec Ops or with corresponding cheap low-glow trail cameras, before making a buying decision.

Wildview TK30 Scouting Camera Review: Do You Need This Any More?

Wildview TK30 Review

Today we are presenting the review of Wildview TK30 Scouting Camera.

Wildview TK30 is the sister model of Wildview TK40 that we have reviewed in here.

Features Wildview TK30 Scouting Camera
Image resolution Adjustable: HI 8MP and LO 5MP
Memory32 GB
Trigger speed0.5 Seconds
Battery8 AA batteries
Supporting modes1. Burst mode 1, 3 or 6  shots per trigger
2. Test mode for testing the camera coverage
Flash range 30 low glow IR LEDs flash with a range up to 50 ft
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Where Stealth Cam is mostly concentrated offering more advance trail cam models, Wildview, on the other hand, is all about basics.

Wildview is a part of GSM Outdoors group, the same group responsible for Stealth Cam brand trail cameras.

Both cameras are simple entry-level trail cameras offering only the essential features at a relatively cheap price.

Wildview TK30 Review


The major difference between these models is that TK40 is equipped with no-glow IR flash, whereas TK30 features standard low glow IR flash.

Wildview TK30 Review

Also, TK40 is a bit more advanced when it comes to shooting videos. Other than that, there are very few differences between these two models.

Like its sister model, Wildview TK30 provides 8-megapixel images (image interpolated from the 5-megapixel sensor).

During daytime, the camera does quite a decent job actually. If there is plenty of light, TK30 has no problems delivering nice, colorful images.

But when the amount of light is limited and if there are shadows in the field of view, TK30 is in trouble. In those cases the objects in images tend to be somewhat dark.

Quality of night images is on standard level for a trail camera of this price range. One could expect that 30 IR LEDs would provide a decent amount of light, but the flash is a bit disappointing.

Detection circuit:

Wildview TK30 is one of the fastest trail cameras in its price category when it comes to triggering speed. The trigger speed is astounding 0.5 seconds. But the recovery time is more than anticlimax; 20 full seconds.

The flashes range is barely the promised 50 ft. and the illumination is very centered.


It is powered by 8 AA batteries, and it has a low battery LED indicator. The battery life is a bit disappointing. Thank god TK30 runs on AAs, so at least it is possible to use rechargeable batteries.


  • Setting up TK30 is really easy, thanks to the fact that all functions are controlled with a few toggle switches.
  • Trigger speed is amazing and thanks to the fact that the field of view is a bit wider than the detection zone, you should not end up getting empty frames.


  • The biggest downside is the recovery time of 20 seconds.
  • Recovery time like this sets some limitations for use of this trail camera model and it may not be the best option for fast game trails.
  • The flash is a bit disappointing.


Wildview TK30 is as average as a trail camera can get. There really are no superior features in it.

Well ok, the trigger speed is really good but outside that, it is really hard to find real strong points from this trail camera.

On the other hand, there are no earth-shaking flaws in it either. In a nutshell, it is a standard trail camera for standard applications like deer feeders.