Moultrie A-5 5MP Low Glow IR Game Camera: A Detailed Review

Moultrie A-5 5MP Low Glow IR Game Camera: A Detailed Review

Trail cameras don’t get much cheaper than this. Moultrie A-5, a 5MP Low Glow IR Game Camera is one of the 2013 trail camera releases from Moultrie.

Features Moultrie A-5
Battery4 C-cell batteries
Detection range50 feet
Memory32 GB
Trigger speed1.16 seconds
Recovery time62 seconds
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It is also among the cheapest models on the market today and therefore it is no wonder that it is among the best selling trail cameras on any online store.

Moultrie A-5 comes with a price tag of approximately $70, meaning that it is seriously competing with low-cost models from Wildgame Innovations, Tasco and Primos.

Moultrie A-5 5MP Low Glow IR Game Camera Review

Build and design 

The Moultrie A-5 5MP Low Glow IR Game Camera is made specifically for the outdoors. The exterior is made of durable plastic material that allows the camera to withstand both dry and wet weather conditions.

You don’t have to worry even if there is a typhoon. The casing is also dust-proof which protects the internal parts from corrosion. 

The size of the camera is also something that makes this trail camera’s design stand out. The camera is small enough to fit in a user’s hand. It means that you will have an easy time packing and setting up the camera.

Also, it is worth mentioning the compatibility of the Moultrie A-5 to a python cable. This makes it possible to set up the camera and tie it on a tree or anywhere stable in the wild.  

The appearance of the Moultrie A-5 5MP Low Glow IR Game Camera is also another important reason why it’s a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts including hunters and conservationists. 

The appearance of the Moultrie A-5 5MP Trail Camera is designed to blend with the trees and the leaves. It has a dark green color that animals won’t bother to look at once it has been placed in the woods. Even in the morning, it can remain discreet and camouflaged. 

Key features

Moultrie A-5 is a simple, easy to set up a trail camera that provides 5-megapixel pictures and 10-second AVI video clips at 640×480 resolution.

A-5 is equipped with 12-LED low-glow IR flash that won’t spook the game but still has an effective range up to 50 feet.

Photos come tagged with moon phase, time, date and camera ID info. Picture delay settings of A-5 gives you a choice of 1/5/10 and 30 minutes delays.

Moultrie A-5 accepts SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32 GB and can take 8000+ images by the power of 4 C-cell batteries that are used to operate.


  • Photo resolution: 5MP
  • Video resolution: 640p x 480p
  • Flash: IR

The Moultrie A-5 5MP camera might not have the best photo resolution and 5 megapixels but it does the job well especially if you are going to use the camera during day time. You get clear photos, plus the subject is easily recognizable.

Next, the video is not even in HD. It may have its downside if you consider the fact that the majority of trail cameras in the market today are running on at least a 720p resolution.

But despite the lack of HD feature on this camera, you won’t have a problem recognizing the video, especially during daytime. Just like the still photos, it provides crisp results once there is good lighting. 

At night time, it does perform decently. Though you can’t call it the best trail camera given the relatively low resolution on photos and videos, it does meet your needs especially if you are simply after monitoring and you don’t care about high-quality shots. 

The IR LEDs are not exactly no-glow. The Moultrie A-5 5MP Trail Camera made use of long-range 850nm low-glow IR LEDs.

It means that there is still a slight chance that it can get the attention of animals especially if it’s in a pitch-black environment.

However, during a full moon, you can take advantage of the additional light provided by the moon for added illumination giving better results on both photos and videos. 

Detection circuit 

  1. Picture trigger: 1.16 seconds
  2. Picture recovery: 62 seconds 
  3. Video trigger: 1.16 seconds
  4. Video recovery: 62 seconds 
  5. Detection range: 50 feet

The Moultrie A-5 has a relatively acceptable trigger speed at just a little above 1 second. It means that you can easily capture an animal that enters its range.

If you are looking to take a photo of a moving animal and you want a different angle, this can become a problem. 

You will have to wait for more than a minute before the camera is ready to take another shot.

However, in terms of distance, the Moultrie A-5 5MP Trail Camera has a 50-foot effective detection range for both day and night. It means that you can easily capture images even in an open field. 

When using the camera, don’t be surprised if you will get mostly blank shots with no animal detected.

The trail camera is quite sensitive that the trigger goes off even with small movements from trees and the grass caused by the wind.

It only means that if you opt to have the Moultrie A-5 in the wild, you might consider having a blank SD card to ensure that you have enough space to save photos. 


Unlike most trail cameras powered by AA batteries, the Moultrie A-5 Trail Camera needs 4 C batteries to operate. The good news is that it is also compatible with an external power source.

This is the reason why it has also become a popular option not only among wildlife enthusiasts but also among customers that are looking for a home surveillance camera. 

If you opt to use batteries for your Moultrie A-5 Trail Camera, this camera can take around 8,000 images before it completely drains out.

But of course, there are a number of factors involved. If you are going to use the trail camera at night, you can expect the battery to not last that long considering the need to power the IR LEDs as well. 

And when it comes to its memory, the trail camera can support SD memory card up to 32GB.


  • The price is low, it is easy to use and takes decent quality images and video. What more can you ask from a low-cost entry-level trail camera?
  • The low-glow IR flash is virtually undetectable and even though A-5 only has 12 leds in its flash bank, it can still provide clear images up to 50′ away from the camera.
  • Battery life is very good. A word of warning though: using video mode can drain your batteries rather quickly.


  • There are no big flaws in Moultrie A-5 trail cam. One of the minor drawbacks is the delay options.
  • The lowest delay option is 1 minute which can be way too long for some purposes (like feeders).

A-5 day photo


It’s time to wind up Moultrie A-5 5MP Game Camera review.

If you are on a shoestring budget or just looking for a simple, easy to use the camera, Moultrie A-5 is definitely an option to consider. While it does not offer an impressive amount of features, it does provide decent quality photos and videos without hassle.

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