Moultrie Trail Camera Battery Box for an Extended Shooting Time

Moultrie Trail Camera Battery Box for an Extended Shooting Time

This external power source will extend the field life of your Moultrie Trail Camera. The power source is compatible with all Moultrie trail cameras manufactured after 2007 that have the external power connection.

This battery box includes:

  • rechargeable 12-volt battery
  • weatherproof case
  • 6 ft weatherproof power cord
  • battery charger

Moultrie Battery Box Review

Design and build 

The Moultrie Trail Camera Battery Box has a weather-resistant case making it possible to withstand a bit of rain and even high temperatures during the summer.

moultrie battery box

What makes it a flexible option for Moultrie users is the fact that it is compatible with the different digital Moultrie game cameras from 2007 onwards.

Also, it makes use of a 12V rechargeable battery that allows your camera to function longer in the wild and not just rely on AA batteries.

One common problem that hunters and wildlife enthusiasts have is the cord used on these battery boxes.

For the Moultrie Battery Box, you have a six-foot weather-resistant cord allowing freedom on the part of the user how to set things up.  

Durability and efficiency 

moultrie battery box with cord

Durability is something that you can expect from the Moultrie brand. In addition to this, you can also expect the same thing to the Moultrie Trail Camera Battery Box.

With its weather-resistant case, not only can it protect the important parts from getting wet, it can even tolerate a few bumps along the way which is something expected from the outdoors.

Even if you are dealing with low temperatures such as -33°C, you can still rely on the battery box to power the game cameras.

The problem that most people encounter though is the chances that you are not getting enough power on the battery box. There have been complaints wherein users encountered battery boxes that only have 25% of the advertised capacity.


  1. 12-volt battery
  2. Long weather-resistant cord
  3. Camouflaged box
  4. Compatibility with a lot of Moultrie cameras

The Moultrie Battery Box features a rechargeable 12-volt battery. This battery is enclosed in a weather-resistant and durable case. The case can keep the battery box discreet especially if hidden behind the bushes given its green exterior.

Also, it has a 6-foot weather-resistant cord. The cord is usually a deal-breaker for a lot of users since they are limited by a short cord that could easily malfunction due to weather increments and moisture.

The Moultrie Battery Box solved this problem by providing a cord that is long enough and made specifically for the outdoors. Lastly, since it works on Moultrie cameras made 2007 onwards, it covers a great number of models that users currently have.


The Moultrie Battery Box solved several problems encountered by hunters. First, the problem that most outdoor enthusiasts have is when the power runs out from their cameras.

Could you imagine changing the batteries in the dark?

Or maybe, what if you’ve missed shooting animals when the battery ran out?

This makes the Moultrie Battery Box a reliable option.

Since it is compatible with models from 2007 onwards, the Moultrie Battery Box isn’t exactly picky. It supports the trail cameras by Moultrie in the last 12 years.

However, the problem is that there are inconsistencies in its production. Some users encounter models that don’t have enough charge.