Moultrie D-444 8MP Low Glow IR Trail Camera

Moultrie D-444 8MP Low Glow IR Trail Camera

moultrie d444 trail camera review picMoultrie D-444 – Excellent Value for the Money


If you are looking for a trail camera that provides the best bang for the buck, Moultrie D-444 sure is one of the top choices. It may not be among the cheapest trail camera models, but it is still very affordable (the price of D-444 is currently around $110).

Moultrie D-444 is one of the several new models that Moultrie released in the beginning of 2013, and it may well be the best one of those when it comes to value for money. The list of features it provides is quite outstanding and it is hard to find a competitor’s model that could offer the same at this price.

D-444 is equipped with 8MP CMOS image sensor that provides clear photos and videos. Night time pictures and videos are illuminated by IR flash that consists of 26 Low Glow LEDs. The flash has an excellent range up to 80-ft and due to Low Glow LEDs, the flash won’t spook the game.

One of the superior features of D-444 is the trigger speed of less than 1 second which is fast enough to capture any moving animal.

 D-444 has four differrent operational modes to choose from. It is also capable of taking multi-shots (1-3 shots), FastFire shooting (1-3 pics/second) and time-lapse photography.

D-444 records your photos and videos on SD memory card (supports up to 32GB) and Moultrie claims that it can take over 25,000 images on one set of  batteries (6 x C-cell).


D-444 Product FeaturesD-444 is simple to set up

  • 8MP image resolution
  • full color day pictures, black and white night pictures
  • Motion-freeze blur reduction technology for better nighttime pictures
  • photos stamped with date, time and moon phase, temperature and camera ID info
  • 640×480 AVI video (10 seconds) @ 24fps
  • trigger speed less that 1 s, recovery time 15 sec.
  • 26 low-glow IR LEDs flash with range up to 80 ft
  • LCD text screen for settings
  • 4 operating modes; IR triggered, Time-lapse, Time-lapse by day & motion detect at night, day and night video
  • delay time range 15/30 seconds, or 1-60 minutes
  • multiple image mode of 1-3 photos
  • FastFire mode of 1-3 images/second
  • password protection
  • powered by 6 C-cell batteries
  • compatible with standard camera tripod mounts
  • SD card slot, supports SD memory card up to 32GB
  • integrated mounting strap with Python cable compatibility
  • weatherproof camouflage casing
  • size 9.7″ x 6.3″ x 4”
  • one year warranty



Picture quality of both night and day images is nothing but excellent. Especially the night pictures are very impressive. Powerful IR flash together with Motion Freeze technology provides clear and precise pictures.

The motion sensor is very good. The detection zone is wide and deep, bigger game can be detected roughly at 60 feet and small birds that come into the field of view at about 20 feet. Combined with fast trigger speed this means that you will very seldom miss the shot.

Battery life of D-444 is among the best in this price group. Setting up and programming of the camera is logical and easy.


The only small drawback of D-444 is the long recovery time. After the shot, there is 15 second delay before the next shot can be taken. Many times this is too long time for fast moving animals.



To put it briefly Moultrie D-444 is a steal. If you are not obsessed with finding the cheapest trail camera on earth, buy Moultrie D-444! It is highly unlikely that you will regret that decision.





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