Simmons Whitetail 4MP Super Compatible Trail Camera Review

Simmons Whitetail 4MP Super Compatible Trail Camera Review

Today in this post we are going to review the great trail camera by Simmons i.e. Simmons Whitetail 4MP Trail Camera. It is the cheapest option of these three, falling into the same price category with Primos Truth Cam 35 and Moultrie A-5.

Features Simmons Whitetail 4MP Trail Camera
Flash 15 low-glow IR LEDs
Detection range25 feet
Memory 32 GB
Power 4 AA batteries
Image resolutionAdjustable: 4 or 2 MP
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Simmons has been a supplier for high-quality, high-value riflescopes and binoculars for over 25 years. In recent years they have expanded their offering in hunting optics to trail cameras.

In 2012 Simmons released their brand new line-up of three trail camera models.

This Simmons model provides 4 or 2 megapixels (selectable) pictures and 15 seconds 640 x 480 @30fps AVI video clips.

Simmons Whitetail 4MP trail camera review

Build and design 

With a simple and straight forward design, the Simmons Whitetail 4MP Trail Camera can perform regardless if it is wet or dry. In terms of size, the trail camera can be considered the average size.

It has a grey plastic casing that can help the internal parts of the camera to stay safe regardless of the elements the camera is going to be exposed.

This means that you can have the peace of mind that the camera is going to work without any problem despite the harsh weather conditions. 

And since it is color grey, it means that animals won’t be able to notice it once you’ve set it up in the woods.

It can easily blend with the trees and the bushes allowing the user to discreetly monitor a particular area without animals suspecting that there is something foreign in their environment. Though it isn’t camouflaged in color, you will not notice the camera from afar. 

Apart from the ability to deal with harsh weather and its ability to look discreet, the camera can also tolerate a few bumps here and there.

The casing does its job when it comes to protecting the camera itself especially if you dropped the camera from a few feet. 

Now, setting up the camera isn’t a problem as well. You can easily strap the camera on a tree or a post with its straps. The straps are also stable if installed correctly.

The straps are easy to install plus the batteries are easy to remove and replace if you are done using the trail camera. 


  1. Photo resolution: 4MP
  2. Video resolution: 640 x 480 AVI video 
  3. Flash: IR

Given today’s expectations from a trail camera, you can consider the Simmons Whitetail 4MP Trail Camera below the standards of the best trail cameras out there.

For starters, you have its 4MP resolution. Regardless if it can shoot a decent image at daytime or night, you have limited pixels which mean that you are going to deal with a poor quality image.

If the animal is quite from afar, you might not even have the ability to recognize the animal that you are trying to observe. 

Next, the video is not even in HD. And since it isn’t in HD, you don’t expect that it works well to be uploaded on YouTube.

Instead, you’d rather just watch the video in the privacy of your computer. But since the video isn’t even on HD, it also means that you can get more videos saved. 

Though the camera isn’t on HD, you can still see clear images regardless if it is day or night. The photos and the videos are stamped with a date as well.

This makes it easier to observe the behavior of animals. You will be able to find out the usual time that they pass the same area. 

It also makes use of 15 low-glow IR LEDs. Though this is a bit few in today’s standards, it does the job well when it comes to taking photos at night. It illuminates the surroundings and the animal giving you clear results in the end.

But of course, the LEDs don’t cover so much distance. And, you need to take note that it makes use of low-glow LEDs. There is still a possibility that it can get noticed by animals in the wild. 

Detection circuit

  1. Picture trigger: 5-59 seconds
  2. Picture recovery: 1 minute
  3. Video trigger: 5-59 seconds
  4. Video recovery: 1 minute
  5. Detection range: 25 -30 feet

Motion-activated PIR sensor of the camera has a range of up to 25 feet, and the IR flash range is up to 30 feet. Picture delay settings of Simmons Whitetail 4MP gives you the option of 5-59 seconds or 1-10 minutes delays.


The key features of Simmons Whitetail 4MP are astounding sounding six months battery life and relatively fast trigger. The infrared night vision LEDs in the camera are the same low glow type as in Moultrie A-5.

Simmons Whitetail 4MP is compatible with SD memory cards up to 32 GB and it uses 4 AA batteries to operate.


  • Simmons Whitetail 4Mp Trail Camera is a good option when you don’t need all the bells and whistles.
  • It is easy to get up and running and provides clear decent quality pictures or videos. The camera works as expected and does what it claims.
  • The trigger speed of 1.2 seconds is actually quite good compared to other low-cost game camera models.
  • Low glow IR led flash means that you won’t spook the game or reveal the camera if you are using it as a security cam.
  • Additionally, Whitetail 4MP offers a wide range of picture delay options, and the fact that the camera uses 4 AA batteries that last roughly 6 months is naturally a huge plus.


  • Compared to other low-cost trail cam options (eg.Moultrie A-5 or Primos 35) both the detection range and the IR flash range of Whitetail 4MP are quite poor.
  • Other than that, there are no big drawbacks on this camera.


This is all about Simmons trail camera review.

Simmons Whitetail 4MP is a simple low-cost entry-level trail camera. It is easy to use and does what it claims. It is a great combination of dependability and value.