Stealth Cam E38NXT Trail Camera

Stealth Cam E38NXT Trail Camera

E38NXT reviewDay by day, model by model trail cameras keep getting smaller, more feature rich, and in most cases easier to use. Stealth Cam E38NXT is a great example of this progress. It is a great combination of tested technology and innovations that once again take the user friendliness to next level.

Pricing-wise Stealth Cam E38 falls in between the basic cheap ones (Moultrie A-5, Stealth Cam P12 and so on) and the more pricey models (Browning Dark Ops, Moultrie M-880 etc.). Currently sold roughly at $100, this model is good value and delivers exactly those features that you would expect to get at this amount of money.

E38NXT is a 8 megapixel trail camera that is also capable of recording max. 5 minute video clips with sound in HD quality. Like the other new Stealth Cam models, also E38NXT has the Quick Set function that allows you to set up the trail camera without hassle. But this model also offers plenty of fun for those who want to play with different features, including Burst Mode, Programmable Trigger Interval, Time Lapse and more.

This Stealth Cam model has a trigger speed of 0.75s which is very good for a camera of this price point. Recovery time of 5 seconds is quite standard in today’s trail cameras.

E38NXT features IR flash consisting of 38 LEDs. The manufacturer claims that the flash has range up to 50ft, but according to some customer feedback the range can be even close to 70ft.

One of the best innovations in this game camera model, if we think about the user friendliness, is the placement of the camera controls. The buttons and LCD display areE38NXT side photo located on the side of the camera. Thus you don’t need to open the camera in order to set it up like in most trail camera models. Naturally this arrangement leaves the buttons and display available for elements, but so far we haven’t stumbled upon any complaints related to weatherproofness of the camera.

The SD card slot, external power connection, quick set slide switch and battery tray are located on the bottom of the camera, so in practice everything in this camera is accessible without opening the camera case.

The Quick Set slide switch at the bottom of the camera allows you select one of the following pre-set programs:
A: 8MP images – 30 sec delay – 3 images per trigger
B: 8MP images – 30 sec delay – 6 images per trigger
MANUAL: 1.3MP images – 30 sec delay – 1 image per trigger (This is default setting but can be changed by the user)
OFF: Powers down the unit completely
TEST: For determining camera’s PIR sensor coverage area.

Stealth Cam E38NXT is powered by 8 AA batteries and supports SD memory cards up to 32GB. The manufacturer recommends the use of Class 10 SD cards with this model. The camera also has external 12V power connection for power packs. There is also a connection for solar panel but that feature is not in use in this particular model.

Stealth Cam E38NXT Features

  • 8.0 Megapixel Images (adjustable 8MP/3MP/1.3MP)
  • HD video recording with sound (5-300 seconds)
  • 38 IR LED flash with range up to 50ft
  • images stamped with time, date moon phase and temperature info
  • trigger speed approx. 0.75 seconds, recovery time 5 seconds
  • Quick Set slide switch
  • Test Mode for testing the PIR sensor coverage area
  • Multi Zone detection
  • Burst Mode 1-9 images per triggering
  • Programmable trigger delay from 5 seconds to 55 minutes
  • Time Lapse mode with PIR override function
  • external LCD status display
  • low battery indicator
  • SD Card slot up to 32GB (Class 10 SD cards recommended)
  • USB output and external 12V power jack
  • durable Camo Housing
  • Python cable lock compatible
  • operates on 8 AA batteries


This camera has a great design. First of all it is small, approximately the size of your hand. The placement of the controls is brilliant and the same applies to the battery tray and SD card slot locations. Thanks to Quick Set slide switch you can have it set up in no time. Test mode allows you to check the PIR sensor coverage quite accurately.

The trigger speed is excellent for a camera in this price group. And you can’t complain about recovery time either.

The daytime image and video quality is really good as expected for 8MP/HD camera.


The night time photos are not quite as good as you could expect, but definitely not bad either. But there is room for improvement in night shots.

Also the video quality during the night is not the best possible. The videos tend to be quite grainy.


Stealth Cam E38NXT is like a breath of fresh air. It does the basic job well and also introduces new ideas by placing the controls outside the casing. The camera is quite affordable and offers plenty of features to play with. If you are searching for a trail camera that can offer a little bit more than the very basic cheap models out there, then E38NXT might just be the camera you are looking for.

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