Security Box for Browning Trail Cameras

Browning Trail Camera Security Box ensures that your camera stays where you put it.

All steel construction from 16 gauge steel ensures maximum protection. You can use either standard padlock or Python cable lock to lock the security box.

Product features:

  1. maximum protection from damage and theft
  2. heavy Duty 16 Gauge Steel
  3. powder coating finish
  4. 2 locking channels for Python Cables
  5. compatible with padlocks up to a 3/8″

Browning security box review

Build and design

Browning  Security box

The Security Box for Browning Trail Cameras was specifically made for those outdoor enthusiasts who want to keep their Browning Trail camera safe. Made of durable steel material, it offers the best performance in the wild.

You don’t have to worry about the rain or extreme weather conditions. It is sealed to protect the important electronics inside the Browning trail camera.

Another great feature of the Security Box is the camouflage color that blends well with the environment especially if the trail camera is going to be used to observe wildlife.

It can even protect the camera from bumps or even from curious bears. Plus, you also have the standard attachment for the cables that make it easy to set things up.


The durability of the Security Box is unquestionable. It reinforces whatever durability it already offers to the table. Since you get to have a metal box that protects the trail camera, it only means that it can help protect whatever is inside.

You don’t have to worry if it falls or even if it gets a few bumps here and there. It is something that can also protect the camera from moisture. Since it is the first layer of protection for the camera, except that it can be used in extreme conditions.

It is the perfect accessory not only during clear skies but even during winter and rainy seasons.


The Security Box for Browning cameras can be considered efficient since it fits several models. This box is designed to work with most of the Browning trail cameras in the market today except the Defender 850 and the Defender 940.

Most likely, you don’t need to worry about the model of your camera given the number of trail cameras the box supports.

The all-steel construction can give you the confidence that you need that you can leave the camera anywhere and it can get the job done.

It is also easy to set up which makes things interesting for those that are looking to install different cameras in different areas.


The Security Box for Browning Trail Cameras is something that serious outdoor enthusiasts love.

If you like to make sure that your trail camera is safe, then this might be a good option for you. The Security Box is made of steel material that can help protect the trail camera.

The outdoors is always expected to be rough whether it is from the weather condition or the animals roaming around.

Given this reality, it might be a good idea that you turn towards a protective casing that can lessen the chances of your camera getting damaged. And not only that, but it can also camouflage hidden in the woods without any problem.

Security Box for Browning Sub Micro Series

Browning Safety Box

Browning Safety BoxThis sturdy security box will keep your Browning Sub Micro Series Trail Cameras safe. Keep your trail camera protected from thieves and animals alike. Made from heavy 16-gauge steel, this security box is nearly unbreakable.

The safety box can be fastened with large headed bolts, it can be belted, bungeed or lag bolted the way you like. You can use standard padlock to lock the box or apply Python Cable Lock to ensure that your box stays safe and in place you installed it.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with Browning Sub Micro Series Trail Cameras (eg. Browning Strike Force Sub Micro, Browning Dark Ops Sub Micro)
  • made from 16 gauge steel
  • baked-on powder coat finish
  • additional camo breakup paint
  • compatible with standard padlocks as well as Python cable
  • variety of fastening methods
  • Manufactured by CAMLOCKbox