Bushnell Trophy Cam Security Box: Is it Really Durable?

Bushnell Security Box

This Bushnell security box will keep your Bushnell Trophy Cam safe. The box fits all standard IR Bushnell Trophy Cams and is designed to enclose the camera as much as possible to protect it from elements.

The box is made of high-quality 16-gauge steel and has a baked-on powder coat finish. In addition, the box has camo break-up paint finishing.

This safety box can be lag bolted or belted to the tree. It is also lockable with a padlock and compatible with python cable locks for added security

Bushnell trophy cam security box


The Bushnell Trophy Cam Security Box is an option that you might want to consider if you have a Bushnell Trail Camera in the wild.

With durable materials used in the security box, it can be considered as the primary layer to protect the camera not only from the weather but from animals as well.

Bushnell Security Box

You have to expect that some animals are curious. What the security box does is prevent the camera from being damaged even if the animal decided to chew the camera.

And since it is a metal box, you can have the confidence that it is even protection from vandals if you plan on using the trail camera for home security purpose.

Product features
bushnell trophy cam lock box

  • Fits All Standard IR Bushnell Trophy Cams
  • High Quality 16 Gauge Steel
  • Baked on Powder Coat with Camo Break-Up Finishing
  • Excellent Protection From Elements
  • Python Compatible
  • Manufactured by CAMLOCKBOX


This Trail Cam Lock Box can be considered a good investment by those who are serious about protecting their camera. Made of durable steel metal, you don’t have to worry that it gets damaged by a few drops or even if some vandal decides to throw something in the direction of your trail camera.

Also, if you already have the security box, you can have it bungeed, belted to a post or on a tree. It ultimately means that it won’t stop the trail camera from functioning according to how it should be. It can even stop animals from damaging the trail camera even if they attempt to chew it.