Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Standard Edition Review

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam was one of the best value cameras at the time of its introduction. It soon became one of the best selling models and users loved it.

FeaturesBushnell 8MP Trophy Cam
Image resolution8 MP
Detection range45 feet
Trigger speed1 S
Battery4 to 8 AA batteries. 
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Product features

bushnell trophy cam review

However after its release, there have been multiple Trophy Cam model releases from Bushnell and this old model really is not the best Bushnell model, nor the best trail camera in general anymore.

Bushnell trail cameras are among the most popular models in the market. This is because of the compact and cutting-edge features that you will experience when you are using these products.

Build and design 

The Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam has a design built for the wild. It makes use of superb plastic that was designed to take a few bumps along the way.

And also, it doesn’t have a bright color which makes it discreet especially in the dark. This is also the reason why it has been used by some households as a security camera.

It can be placed anywhere in your front yard and it won’t even get noticed by people who visit your house. It is also wireless that makes setting up such an easy task.

Aside from that, it also has a weatherproof design that protects the important parts found inside the cellular trail camera.


  1. Photo resolution: 8MP
  2. Video resolution: 1280p x 720p
  3. Flash: IR 

One of the biggest Bushnell Trophy cam problems that you get to encounter is its 8MP resolution. When used in the daytime, this camera offers superb results. Simply put, it isn’t enough for a lot of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

However, in reality, it provides high-quality images that allow you to distinguish animals without any problems.

When it comes to its video, though it doesn’t give you a full HD capability, the 720p resolution is enough for most situations.

Also, with a 32 IR LED that illuminate subjects at night, this trail camera can provide high-quality photos and videos even at night.

Detection circuit 

  1. Picture trigger: 1 second
  2. Picture recovery speed: 1 second
  3. Video trigger:  1 second
  4. Video recovery speed: 1 second
  5. Detection range: 45 feet

If there is anything that makes the hunters love about the Bushnell Trophy Cam, that’s its fast trigger speed and recovery capability.

It has a 1-second trigger that can capture an animal almost instantaneously once it enters its range. It means that you don’t have to worry that you will miss a fast-moving animal.

However, if you want another angle, you also don’t have to worry since this trail camera also has a fast recovery speed at 1 second. At 45 feet, it has a decent range that can work both in your home or in the wild.


The camera is powered by 4 to 8 AA batteries. It means that if your camera is already running low on power, it still can function given the fact that it can run on half the power.

And since it is a favorite option for home security, this trail camera is compatible with an external power that can be used to make sure that it doesn’t run out of power.

The good news is that the trail camera can run for weeks without changing the batteries. It only means that you can rely on the camera to take a good amount of photos and videos saved in its 32GB SD card.  


  • One of the best things about this camera is that it comes with the longest battery life as compared to the other trail cameras.
  • In addition to that, not very many manufacturers offer trail cameras with 8 MP resolution. This means that the product will allow you to come up with detail-rich images.
  • Additionally, the 1-second trigger speed of the product is among the best. This enables you to capture even birds which are in motion.
  • This feature is also perfect when you want to take pictures of animals in motion. Bushnell’s  32 GB memory card capacity is also among the best in the market.


  • According to user feedback, there are no major problems that you should expect when it comes to the functionality of this model.
  • The reality is that this model is not the cheapest trail camera model on the market.
  • It is more expensive than many other game cameras from different brands. Yet, the price of the product is properly compensated when it comes to its features.


There is no doubt that Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP is among the top bets of people looking for entry-level trail cameras.

In general, there is very little negative feedback out there when it comes to this trail camera model.

In a nutshell, it is a great piece of equipment and still selling very well even though it represents the older end of Bushnell’s trail camera offering.

This is why the amount invested in buying this product is very likely worth spending at the end. If you are looking for a cheaper model from Bushnell, then you might want to check the review of Bushnell X-8 in here.

Wildgame Innovations 4.0 MP Infrared Digital Trail Camera Review

Wildgame Innovations Infrared Digital Camera (product model N4E) used to be one of the cheapest trail camera models you could find in this megapixel range.

Features Wildgame Innovations Camera
Detection range55 feet
Trigger speed1 Second
Battery type4 C-cell batteries
External memory Supports SDHC card 32 GB
Flash 18 IR LED flash
Sensor Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) up to 60 ft
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Nowadays the availability of this old model is not that good and the price is way higher than what it used to be.

Therefore this Wildgame model really is not a recommended option. Here is the review though.

Wildgame Innovations 4.0 MP Trail Camera Review

Build and design 

Wildgame Innovations 4.0 Infrared Camera is a breath of fresh air when it comes to its appearance.

Unlike the usual trail cameras from Wildgame, it is noticeable how it has a more symmetrical design. Unlike other Wildgame trail cameras that have the camouflaged exterior, this trail camera looks more like a portable fan.

However, despite the peculiar shape and appearance from the other Wildgame Trail Cameras, it does its job well. 

The plastic case allows the camera to stay dry and free from any dust that could corrode the electronic parts inside the camera.

If you are worried about the bumps and dropping the camera every now and then when you are in the wild, the case helps protect the camera.

It has a sturdy construction made specifically for rugged use. 

Also, setting up this camera isn’t a problem considering the hooks where you can have the straps. This gives users an easy time when it comes to setting up the camera to a tree or on any sturdy vertical structure that you can find outdoors. 

The size of the trail camera fits in your hands. It means that it isn’t exactly difficult to pack or to setup. It won’t look too obvious especially if you are going to observe animals that are always looking at their surroundings. 


This 4.0-megapixel camera provides you good quality day pictures and decent black and white night shots. It is also capable of delivering AVI video.

This Wildgame Innovations model is equipped with Flextime+ time-lapse technology that allows you to “set and forget” the camera and grasp the pictures of any game traveling during peak time.

The camera also features Redux anti-blur technology that produces clean, crisp images in any situation.

Wildgame Innovations N4E uses 18 high-intensity infrared LEDs for night time illumination and has a flash range up to 55 feet.

Detection circuit 

  1. Picture trigger: 1 second
  2. Video trigger: 1 second 
  3. Detection range: 55 feet

Though many consider the camera to be a beginner-level trail camera, it has an impressive detection range that can even compete against trail cameras.

With 55 feet of detection range, it means that you can set up the camera and it can already take photos of animals even from afar.

It also works well in this range regardless if you have a decent light source or not. You still get the same range even at night. 

The trigger speed isn’t bad as well. You can already take a photo or video of the subject in just one second.

Of course, there are some trail cameras out there that can take a photo or video in under 1 second. However, 1 second isn’t bad at all. It is even used as a benchmark by some professional hunters when choosing their trail camera. 

One common problem that hunters and outdoor enthusiasts get when it comes to trail cameras is that the camera’s trigger comes off even with the movement of the wind.

This isn’t the case when it comes to the Wildgame Innovations 4.0 Infrared Digital Trail Camera. It means that you get minimal blank photos when it is already time to review the images in your SD card. 


To run this trail camera you need to use 4 C-cell batteries that are not included when you purchase. The estimated battery life is approx. 3 months. This camera is also equipped with an external power port that allows you to use Wildgame Innovations 6 Volt camera battery.


  • First and foremost this can provide pictures with decent quality. 
  • Even though this Wildgame Innovations model is typically considered as an entry level camera, it still has an impressive amount of features that are easy to use.
  • The construction of the camera is rigid and the battery life is more or less what is promised by the manufacturer (3 months).


  • The bungee cords that are used to mount the camera are bit flimsy and short, so you might want to invest in better bungee cords.
  • Be aware that the powerful IR LEDs can cause blinding of the close-range night pictures, depending on how you have mounted your camera.
  • The PIR sensor of the camera is not the best. In some case, it has picked-up movement only 30% of the time. Thus this camera does not necessarily give you an accurate idea of what is in your woods.


Wildgame Innovations 4MP Scouting Camera is a good basic trail camera and it used to be a good option as an entry-level camera.

But nowadays there are plenty of other newer and cheaper models that can do the same and more than this Wildgame model. Thus we recommend checking budget models like Stealth Cam P12 or Moultrie A-5 instead.

Primos Truth Cam 35 Review: The Best Entry Level Trail Camera

Today we are going to review the Primos Truth Cam 35.

It is interesting how some trail camera models stand the test of time and become ultimate favorites among the users.

Primos Truth Cam 35 Features:

  1. 3-megapixel image ratio
  2. records max 60-second video clips
  3. Flash of 35 IR LEDs with range up to 40ft
  4. Trigger speed approx 1.5 s (0.3 if the camera is not in sleep mode), recovery time 10 seconds.
  5. Multi-shot mode
  6. programmable picture delay 1 second, 1 minute or 30 minutes
  7. 6V external power jack
  8. Backlit LCD screen helps in setting up the camera
  9. images tagged with time, date, temperature and moon phase info
  10. supports SD memory cards up to 8GB
  11. ¼” -20 socket for tripods and tree mounts
  12. powered by 4 D-cell
  13. Python cable lock compatible
  14. size 8.75″ x 6.6″ x 2.9″
  15. 1-year warranty

This is exactly what happened to Primos Truth Cam 35. Already upon the introduction of Primos Truth Cam 35, many people rushed in the market to buy it.

Primos Truth Cam 35 may well be the best selling trail camera of all time. Almost every online store selling trail cameras still has this model in their selection.

Typically the price range is from $77 up to $120. In every offer that you will encounter out there, the 1-year warranty period is included.

Build and design

Primos TC 35 review

Primos Truth Cam 35 comes with quality casing perfect for every condition. Durable hook strap ensures that the camera will be safe and secured when you carry it outdoors.

What is also a big benefit is this camera’s durable construction.

Primos knows how to make trail cameras that are really simple to use. Truth Cam 35 is no exception.

The product is cheap, easy to use and produces good quality photos. And exactly for those reasons, this same model can still be found among the best selling trail cameras for example at Amazon.com.


The camera offers you daytime and night time photos with ok quality. You can see small details quite clearly at least in the daytime shots so in that sense the cameras do a nice job for a 3MP camera.

The infrared flash is not very powerful, although it consists of 35 LEDs


The camera uses D-cell batteries, which is quite “old school” nowadays and really not the best option.


  • One of the best features of Primos Truth Cam 35 is the price. It truly belongs to the list of the cheap trail cameras and offers great value for your money.
  • The price is definitely lower compared to many other trail camera models, but in addition to that, Primos 35 really performs well.


  • Primos Truth Cam 35 is rather big compared to competing models out there.
  • .A small number of users have also reported having technical problems with SD memory or some software issues and thus needed to return the camera under warranty.
  • And let’s face it. This is an old model and not very feature-rich when compared to new models at the same price range. (Though there is also a newer model of Primos Truth Cam 35 called Primos Truth Cam ULTRA 35 on the market. You can check its review in here.)


There is no doubt that when compared to its price Primos Truth Cam 35 offers you very good value and basic line of features.

It is surprising that this trail camera model still competes with other more expensive and newer trail camera models out there because of low price and good design.

If you are looking for a simple basic trail camera that has proven to work, this is a camera for you.

Moultrie D55-IR

moultrie d55

UPDATE: This model is not actively sold any more as there is a newer model Moultrie Game Spy D-55IRXT available.

For sure, an excursion in the wild will become even more memorable when you are using a good hunting camera.

Moultrie Game Spy D-55IR surely offers many of the features that you are expecting to find from good trail camera, especially if you are on budget.  Typically you will encounter Moultrie d55IR offers sold for approx. $100 to $130 with 1-year warranty period.


Product Features

  • 5 MP camera with infrared night features (infrared sensor, 50-foot infrared flash)
  • Three picture resolutions, two video resolutions
  • multi-shot feature (max. 3 shots)
  • Easy to use LCD display
  • There is also a display present in Moultrie Game Spy D-55IR which will show to you its actual battery life. The camera is also made with three picture resolutions.
  • IR aim for faster camera set up
  • powered by  6-cell batteries
  • supports memory card up to 16 GB
  • weather resistant camouflage housing
  • mounting strap



One of the best things about Moultrie D55-IR is that its night vision really works well. Despite of the dim environment, it would still be easy for you to capture the pictures you want.

It is also amazing how easy it is to use this camera unit. It comes with evenly distributed buttons as well as competent display that will pave the way for you to enjoy using it.

Housing of the camera is really robust making ideal for tough conditions.

The easy set up of the camera is also among its pros, thanks to its authentic IR aim which makes it easy for you to set it up. When it comes to its price, D55-iR is also affordable.


Flaws that have made existing customers upset include slow trigger that you have take into consideration when setting up the camera. If possible, you need to position the camera angling down the trail so that the game will not be crossing in front of it only for a few seconds.

Some customers are also complaining about low battery lifetime of this model, when at the same time some customers have thanked the long battery lifetime. Thus much depends on what kind of batteries you are using, how many pictures you have set the camera to take and what kind of trigger delay you are using .

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After reading this review of Moultrie D55IR, you will probably agree that this is among the top contenders as the best, yet still very affordable trail camera model in the market. D55-IR is equipped with stunning and exciting features that you will surely like the most.




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