Moultrie M-990i Trail Camera (2014 Model): Is it Still Hunter’s Choice?

Moultrie M-990i is one of the flagship trail camera models in the Moultrie’s line-up. It has also been one of the favorite no-glow trail cameras among the hunters since its introduction in 2013.

Features Moultrie M-990i
Image resolution10 MP
Detection range50 feet
Trigger speedLess than 1 seconds
Supporting modes Multi-Shot and Burst Mode, 3 images per triggering
Flash range70 feet
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This 2014 model has some minor tweaks compared to the 2013 model but essentially it is still the same, brilliant trail camera.

Feature-wise M-990i is neck and neck with other popular no-glow models on the market. However, M990i is typically about $20 more expensive than models like Browning Dark Ops and Stealth Cam G42NG.

Moultrie M-990i in-depth review

Build and design

Moultrie M-990i is packed with all the bells and whistles you expect to find from a trail camera of this price range. The trigger delay is programmable; the camera is capable of taking multi-shots or function in Burst Mode.

The casing is sturdy, weatherproof and painted with nice Mossy Oak® Treestand Camouflage pattern.

There have never been big flaws in case designs of Moultrie trail cameras and this one is no exception.

Thus it is hard to say if this Moultrie model can be included among the affordable models or not.


Moultrie M-990i is a 10-megapixel camera that can record up to 90 second HD video clips with sound. Both the daytime and nighttime images are nearly flawless.

As M990i uses no-glow it is invisible for animals and humans alike. Thus you won’t spook the game with this camera or reveal the location of the camera if you are using it for surveillance

excellent daytime image quality by M-90i

With this model Moultrie has really succeeded fine tuning the night time shooting. Taking into consideration that this camera uses no-glow flash that are famous of producing darkish pictures, the nigh time shots of M-990i are beautiful.

There are no big flaws when it comes to detecting the objects either. PIR sensor of the camera detects heat and motion up to 50 ft and the camera triggers in less than one second.

Setting up the camera is a breeze thanks to LCD display that can be used as a live preview screen when mounting the camera. Also testing the detection zone of the camera can be done quite easily after the mounting.

You can also select the time-lapse mode or operate the camera in hybrid mode where the camera works both in time-lapse and PIR mode.

amazing night time image quality for a no-glow camera

There are actually so many different features that it is recommended to familiarize yourself with all the options at your home, with the user manual, before going out in the field.

Detection circuit:

Moultrie 990i has a trigger speed of fewer than 0.5 seconds.

Recovery time is approx. 5 seconds which is quite typical for today’s trail cameras. Setting up the camera is a breeze thanks to the LCD display that can be used as a live preview screen when mounting the camera.

Also testing the detection zone of the camera can be done quite easily after the mounting.5 seconds which is quite typical for today’s trail cameras.

Moultrie M-990i case design is excellent


The battery tray slides from the bottom of the camera and holds 8 AA alkaline or lithium batteries.

Moultrie claims that this model can take even up to 13,000 images on one set of lithium batteries, but there is also external power port located on the bottom so that you can use power packages or solar power kits.

SD card slot is located on the side of the camera (inside the case naturally) and you can use up to 32GB SD cards with this camera.


  • This camera takes excellent images.
  • Daytime images are sharp and colorful and night time shots are exceptionally good for a no-glow trail camera.
  • The LCD screen of this model is really handy. You can use it as a live preview screen when mounting your camera. And naturally, it allows you to review the images and videos right there on the spot.
  • The battery life of this model is excellent, especially if you use lithium batteries.
  • The small size makes this camera easy to handle.


  • Setting up Moultrie M-990i can be somewhat tricky and the manual is not the most self-explanatory one.
  • The price is a little bit on the expensive side.


Moultrie M-990i is a great trail camera. It is not a surprise that it is a favorite gadget of many hunters but also a tool of many nature photographers out there.

The images it takes are outstanding also during night time despite of no-low flash. It has everything you might need in a small package and it can be used in any application you may need it.

The only major downside is the price, this model is not as affordable as we’d like it to be. On the other hand, you won’t find many no-glow trail cameras with LCD viewing screen out there at this price.

Moultrie M-880i Trail Camera (2014 model) Reviewed With Pros and Cons

Moultrie M-880i 2014 model review
Moultrie M-880i 2014 model review

If you are planning to buy a new trail camera right now is an excellent momentum for that.


Well, all the major players have just about released their new models for 2015. And naturally, most of the hunters are comparing those new models and trying to decide which one to buy.

At the same moment, there are plenty of 2014 and even 2013 trail camera models that are currently selling at discounted prices all over the internet.

So instead of buying that brand new shiny 2015 model, why not go for an older model that has already shown its value on the field and got excellent reviews.

Moultrie M-880i (2014 model) is a great example of the situation. This time last year it was hard to find this particular model below $150 range but at the moment of writing, you can find deals starting from $110.


Moultrie M-880i is the no-glow IR flash version of Moultrie M-880. All M-880 models have been selling very well from the very beginning and this one is no exception. It is a versatile trail camera with plenty of options for everyone.

M-880i takes 8-megapixel images and records video clips at 1280×720 aspect ratio. (Please note that video clips are recorded at the frame rate of 10fps, so the quality is not officially HD).

The daytime pictures are great but there has been some out of focus problems with M-880 models that Moultrie has been struggling with. Color-and contrast-wise the images look good though.

M-880i no-glow IR image

M880i is equipped with no glow IR flash consisting of 32 LEDs. The flash range (according to the manufacturer) is up to 70ft, but in real life, the effective flash range is somewhere around 50ft.

The night time images themselves are solid quality for a no-glow camera, even though the flash itself is not that powerful.

Moultrie M880i has all the same features than the regular M-880 model. These include delay mode, multi-shot mode, timelapse mode and a hybrid model that uses both motion detector and time-lapse program.

Detection circuit

The motion detection of M-880i works nicely but the range is quite limited. The camera only detects motion up to 50ft.

The trigger speed is not the fastest possible but still ok; approx 1 s. And the recovery time of 5 seconds is something you can live with.


Moultrie says that M-880i can take up to 13,500 images on one set of 8 AA batteries. And the truth is that Moultrie M-880i is one of the best trail cameras out there when it comes to battery life.

And you have also the possibility to extend the battery life with external 12V power source. M-880i stores the images on SD memory card (class 4 cards recommended) and can handle cards up to 32GB.


This model is also compatible with Eye-Fi Connect X2/Pro X2 Wi-Fi memory cards. M880i also features “Overwrite Oldest” mode that will erase the oldest photos and videos in order to create free space for new photos and videos when your SD card is full.

Moultrie M-880i Features

  • 8 Megapixel Images
  • Video recording at 1280×720 aspect ratio
  • 32 No-Glow IR LED flash with a range up to 70 ft
  • Motion Freeze technology and extended flash range for clarity in nighttime images
  • PIR sensor with a motion detection range up to 50 ft
  • Test Mode for testing the PIR sensor coverage area
  • images stamped with time, date, moon phase, temperature and camera/location ID info
  • trigger speed approx 1 second, recovery time approx. 5 seconds
  • programmable trigger delay (5, 10, 30 seconds or 1, 5, 10, 30 minutes)
  • Multi-Shot and Burst Modes, 3 images per triggering
  • Time Lapse mode with the hybrid possibility (uses both time-lapse and PIR triggering)
  • backlit buttons for ease of viewing in low-lit conditions
  • password protection to increase security
  • SD Card slot up to 32GB (Class 4 or higher SD cards recommended)
  • ¼” -20 socket for tripods and tree mounts
  • USB output and external 12V power jack
  • durable housing with Mossy Oak® Camouflage pattern
  • Python cable lock compatible
  • operates on 8 AA batteries
  • One year warranty


  • Moultrie M-880i takes very nice images, but what’s especially good is the quality of the night time shots.
  • No glow flash makes the camera invisible. You won’t spook the game or those trespassing your property if you use the camera for surveillance.
  • The battery life of M-880i is excellent, one of the best on the market.
  • Possibility to use external power source is a nice bonus.
  • Small size, durable case, Mossy Oak® camouflage and simple to use


  • The detection range of M-880i is a bit disappointing.
  • On the other hand, if the effective flash range is only 50ft, then why bother having better detection range.
  • Moultrie has had some focus problems with M-880 models and unfortunately, the problem occurs in this model also.


All that can be said is that Moultrie M-880i is solid Moultrie quality. It has proven its value and earned some nice reviews and now you can get yours at a discounted price.

So if you are looking for a good no-glow camera or a good trail camera in general, and you don’t want to spend too much money here is a trail camera for you.