Moultrie Game Spy D-55IRXT

moultrie d55irxt review

Moultrie Game Spy D-55IRXT features

  1. 5 MP image resolution
  2. Full-color day pictures, black and white night pictures
  3. High, Medium and Low picture resolution settings
  4. High and Low video resolution settings
  5. Photos stamped with time, date, moon phase and temperature info
  6. 1.7s trigger speed, recovery time 8s
  7. 26 IR LEDs flash with a range up to 50 ft
  8. Detection range up to 45 ft
  9. Trail Cam Mode takes still photos when the game is detected
  10. Plot Cam Mode takes photos at specified intervals and combines them as video
  11. In Hybrid Mode camera operates in Plot Cam Mode during the day and Trail Cam Mode during night
  12. Fast Fire Continuous Shooting Mode captures up to 3 photos per second
  13. Video Mode captures 640×480 AVI video up to 30 seconds (10 seconds at night)
  14. Picture delay 15 sec, 30 sec, 1-60 minutes
  15. Powered by 6 C-cell batteries
  16. External power compatible
  17. SD card slot supports SD memory card up to 32GB
  18. Weatherproof casing and mounting strap
  19. Compact size 6” x 5” x 3.5”
  20. 1-year warranty


  • The picture quality of D-55IRXT is actually quite excellent for a trail camera of this price.
  • The daytime pictures are clear and have a beautiful color.
  • The IR flash of the camera has plenty of power and thus the camera produces clear nighttime IR shots.
  • The recovery time of only 8 seconds is a vast improvement over the previous model.
  • The 45 ft. detection range is impressive.
  • The camera can easily detect small animals like birds and squirrels at 10-20 ft, people and bigger game animals at 40-45 ft.
  • The battery life is also improved and during normal operation, the Moultrie D-55ir XT should easily operate for 2 months without changing the 6 c cell batteries.
  • The operation of the camera is really simple and the instruction manual provides clear guidelines on how different features are used and programmed.


  • Let’s be honest, the trigger time of 1.7 seconds isn’t that great and can lead to blurry pictures, especially during nighttime. However, you can partly overcome this problem with smart camera placement.
  • Some customers have reported having SD card problems with this camera. These included read/write problems and locking of SD card.
  • In general, these problems have occurred at the very beginning so these customers have been able to make a warranty return.


With its good picture quality, 45 ft range, ease of programming features and solid durability, Moultrie D-55IRXT may just be one of the best daytime/nighttime cameras for the price.

moultrie d55irxt review