Primos Truth Cam ULTRA 46 (2013 Model)

primos tc 46 ultra review

primos tc 46 ultra reviewThe original Primos Truth Cam 35 has been a huge success for Primos. Even its successor, Truth Cam 35 ULTRA (2013 model) was a mediocre success. But for one reason or another Primos Truth Cam 46 models have not been as popular as Truth Cam 35s. In principle there is nothing wrong in Truth Cam 46 ULTRA 2013 model, but there is also very little that would differentiate it from other trail camera models on the market.

Primos Truth Cam 46 ULTRA (2013 model) is a simple 7 megapixel trail camera that, in addition to photos, can capture video with sound and HD time lapse videos. The 45° Early Detect sensor, 55° field of view of the camera, combined with trigger speed of less than 1 second ensures that you don’t miss the game walking in front of your camera. The 46 IR LED flash of the camera allows night time range of approx. 55 foot.

Truth Cam 46 UTLRA is powered by 8AA batteries and compatible with SD and SDHC memory cards up to 32GB.

photo taken with truth cam 46 ltra


Primos Truth Cam 46 ULTRA features:

  • 7 megapixel image resolution
  • 46 IR LED flash with range up to 55ft
  • adjustable image resolution (HI or LO)
  • video clips with sound (640×480, 30fps, AVI, up to 60s)
  • trigger speed less than 1 second
  • HD time lapse mode
  • burst mode from 1 to 5 pictures
  • photos stamped with burst count, moon phase, temperature, time, date and day of the week info
  • powered by 8AA batteries
  • compatible with SD memory cards up to 32GB
  • adjustable webbing strap
  • Python Cable lock compatible
  • external power (6-12V DC) Jack
  • compact size (2.5.×4.25×5.25 inches)
  • 1 year warranty





Primos knows how to make trail cameras that are easy to use. Primos Truth Cam ULTRA 46 is operated by simple slide switches making the setup of the camera a breeze. All you need to do is install the batteries, insert the SD card into its slot, set the date and time, and slide the slide switches to desired setting and you are good to go.

Also the case design of Truth Cam 46 ULTRA leaves little room for improvement. Trail camera cases of Primos cameras haveprimos truth cam 46 ultra ha excellent case design typically been very well designed and this one is no exception. The casing is made of durable plastic with a weatherproof seal. The small size of the case and camouflage finishing allows you to hide your camera well in to the woods.

Although some customers have reported of having problems with battery lifetime (camera draining batteries),Truth Cam ULTRA 46 should be able to operate even up to 9 months in optimal conditions with one set of batteries. This is a really nice battery lifetime for a trail camera.



As mentioned above, it is not uncommon to run into battery problems with this model. Thus if you find out that your camera is draining batteries, return it and get a new one. That’s what the one year warranty is for.

The recovery time of Truth Cam ULTRA 46 is rather long. It takes approximately 7 seconds for the camera to charge and to be able to take a new picture. While this can be too long time for fast moving game, it generally is fast enough for most situations though.

The picture quality is not the best that we have seen in Primos cameras. There is just too much variation in the picture quality. While some photos are vivid and full of color, there are too many photos that overexposed or somewhere in between good and terrible. And this applies to both day shots and nighttime pictures.


Truth Cam Ultra 46 ofers nice variety of features wth a reasonable price and thus you could think it as a great choice for the hunter on a budget. Unfortunately for Primos there are plenty of competing models on this same price category that are cabable of doing the same tricks than 46 ULTRA just slightly better. So before making a buying decision and going for Primos 46 ULTRA, we really recommend familiarizing yourself with similar models from Moultrie, Bushnell and Browning first.

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