Security Box for Primos ULTRA Series Trail Cameras

Security box for Primos ULTRA

Security box for Primos ULTRAEven though the trail cameras are rather inexpensive nowadays, surely you don’t want your trail camera to get stolen. If you own a Primos Truth Cam ULTRA series camera, then here is a solution for you.

Already the appearance of this security box will dishearten potential trail camera thiefs. This box is made of heavy duty 14 gauge steel and it is equipped with double secure locking tabs. The locking tabs fit up to 1/2 inch padlock construction.

Attachment holes in the box allow you fasten it with 3/8 inch lag bolts. Feel that its not enough? Well, luckily this box also features a 1/2 inch cable hole, perfect for adding security by using steel wire or Python cable lock.

Please note that this security box only works with ULTRA series trail cameras. If you are an owner of older Truth Cam model, please consider this option.


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