Simmons Whitetail 4MP Trail Camera

Simmons 4MP Trail camera detailed review

Simmons 4MP Trail camera detailed reviewSimmons has been a supplier for high-quality, high-value riflescopes and binoculars for over 25 years. In recent years they have expanded their offering in hunting optics to trail cameras.

In 2012 Simmons released their brand new line-up of three trail camera models. Simmons Whitetail 4MP Trail Camera is the cheapest option of these three, falling into the same price category with Primos Truth Cam 35 and Moultrie A-5.

The key features of Simmons Whitetail 4MP are astounding sounding six months battery life and relatively fast trigger. The infrared night vision LEDs in the camera are same low glow type as in Moultrie A-5.

This Simmons model provides 4 or 2 megapixel (selectable) pictures and 15 second 640 x 480 @30fps AVI video clips.

Motion-activated PIR sensor of the camera has a range of up to 25 feet, and the IR flash range is up to 30 feet. Picture delay settings of Simmons Whitetail 4MP gives you a option of 5-59 seconds or 1-10 minutes delays.

Simmons Whitetail 4MP is compatible with SD memory cards up to 32 GB and it uses 4 AA batteries to operate.


Whitetail Product Features

  • adjustable image resolution, 4 or 2 MP
  • full color day pictures, black and white night pictures
  • photos stamped with date, time and moon phase info
  • 640×480 AVI video (10 seconds) @ 30fps
  • trigger speed approx. 1.2 s, recovery time 5 seconds
  • 15 low-glow IR LEDs flash with range up to 30 ft
  • LCD text screen for settings
  • delay time range 5-59 seconds or 1-10 minutes (default 10s)
  • multiple image mode of 3 photos
  • powered by 4 AA batteries
  • compatible with standard camera tripod mounts
  • SD card slot, supports SD memory card up to 32GB
  • weatherproog casing
  • size 2.8″ x 9.8″ x 7.5”
  • two years limited  warranty



Simmons Whitetail 4Mp Trail Camera is a good option when you don’t need all the bells and whistles. It is easy to get up and running and provides clear, decent quality pictures or videos. The camera works as expected and does what it claims.

The trigger speed of 1.2 seconds is actually quite good compared to other low cost game camera models. Low glow IR led flash means that you won’t spook the game or reveal the camera if you are using it as a security cam.

Additionally Whitetail 4MP offers wide range of picture delay options, and the fact that the camera uses 4 AA batteries that last roughly 6 months is naturally a huge plus.



Compared to other low cost trail cam options (eg.Moultrie A-5 or Primos 35) both the detection range and the IR flash range of Whitetail 4MP are quite poor. Other than that, there are no big drawbacks in this camera.



Simmons Whitetail 4MP is a simple low cost entry level trail camera. It is easy to use and does what it claims. Great combination of dependability and value.





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