Solar Panel With Tripod for Spypoint Trail Cameras

Solar Panel for Spypoint Trail Cameras
Solar Panel for Spypoint Trail Cameras

Keep your trail camera up and running with this Spypoint Solar Panel. Spypoint Solar Panel can be used to maintain the lithium battery pack charged into compatible Spypoint Trail Cameras. The panel can also be used to maintain the charge of any 12-volt battery.

Product features:

  1. Product name: Spypoint Solar Panel SP-12V
  2. Compatible with most Spypoint trail camera models
  3. Adjustable steel mounting clips
  4. Comes with 6 different plugs and alligator clips
  5. Size: 6.3″ x 4.7″

Design and build 

Just by looking at the Solar Panel with Tripod for Spypont Trail Cameras, you will notice that it is a bit bulky. It comes with a Spypoint Solar Panel SP-12V that functions to power most of the Spypoint cameras in the market.

If you plan on having a discreet trail camera, this might not be a good option, to begin with. You have a large piece of solar panel that can easily get the attention of animals.

Though it is painted black, it is still obvious even from afar. Animals can easily notice something different and weird once this thing has been set up.


The SpyPoint Solar Panel with Tripod is a reliable option even in harsh conditions. In this manner, you can get still rely on this piece of outdoor equipment despite subzero temperatures during the winter.

With this alone, it means that it has been designed for rough weather conditions.

But the question is if it is going to last for months to come? That is still somewhat questionable. Just like other solar panels and external power sources for trail cameras, this option had its share of bad reviews.

Some users experienced just a few good months with the Solar Panel and it stopped working after six months or so. It only means that it is still a risk to invest in this solar panel.


The Spypoint Solar Panel with Tripod excels in this department. In terms of efficiency, it can get the job done. It can be used in situations wherein there is minimal sunlight.

Even if it doesn’t get direct sunlight, you can still rely on it to charge your device. It can keep your device up to 90% level even if it is just getting direct sunlight perhaps around 30 minutes for the entire day.

It means that you don’t have to worry that you will rush towards your camera and get frustrated because the power ran out. You can rely on this solar panel even if it is cloudy or during the winter season.


The Spypoint Solar Panel has its strong points. For instance, it does have robust construction. Another good reason to invest in this solar panel is the ability of the solar panel to charge most of the Spypoint Cameras.

Plus, it can also perform well in extreme weather conditions. Even with limited access to direct sunlight, it does a great job at charging the batteries.

Unfortunately, though, it is bulky. In addition to this, you also have to accept the reality that you are going to deal with a product that has a history of hit or miss. Some of these products only charge for up to 6 months. If you are willing to take the risk, then this might be a good option.

Spypoint Lithium Battery Pack with Charger

Spypoint Lithium Battery
Spypoint Lithium Battery

Spypoint Lithium Battery features

  1. Charging time approx. 6 hours
  2. Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C, -4°F to +122°F
  3. Storage temperature -30°C to +75°C, -22°F to +167°F
  4. The voltage of 7.4 volts
  5. Capacity 2000 mAh
  6. AC charger
  7. 1-year warranty

Build and design

Spypoint trail cameras are famous for their long battery life. Now you can extend the battery life your Spypoint trail camera even more.

With the help of this Spypoint Lithium battery pack, you will run your trail camera longer than with any standard AA batteries.

This lithium battery also withstands cold weather and keeps its charge better than AA batteries.

This battery pack includes an AC charger that allows you to charge the battery effortlessly in 6 hours.

Battery life 

Spypoint Rechargeable Lithium Battery carries a 7.4V charge. It makes use of a lithium-ion battery plus a charger that you can plug on your wall.

It can be used for several different models including the FL-A, IR-5, IR-6, IR9, IR10, PRO-X, PRO-X Plus, Tiny, Tiny-W and Soundbox Bloodline.

There are mixed reviews when it comes to its battery life. Though most reviews agreed that it offers superb battery life in the beginning, users were saying that the lifespan for this battery is only around one year.

There were even some users saying that it needed 5 hours to get fully charged, which is something impractical.


The good thing is that it is rechargeable. It means that you could be saving on batteries if you have a new Spypoint Lithium Battery Pack.

You can simply have it in plugged in the wall and it gets recharged. However, is it worth it? If you are going to get a year out of it, then it is probably a good investment as well.

However, is it convenient after a year or so?

Now, that’s the problem.

You can make use of alkaline batteries and have weeks of power on your device. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for hours for a charge once the Spypoint Lithium Battery Pack malfunctions.

Spypoint BF-6 Trail Camera

Spypoint BF-6 Review

Spypoint BF-6 ReviewSo called black flash (a.k.a no-glo) trail cameras have been on the market for quite a while but in the past two years they have really become more mainstream. Most trail camera manufacturers already have at least one or two no-glo models in their selection, in addition to regular low-glow IR trail cameras.

The main benefit of a black flash camera is of course its invisibility. It does not spook the game or reveal its location when used in surveillance purposes. The downside is that night time image quality can sometimes be subpar. Also the prices of black flash models tend to be on the higher side when compared to corresponding regular IR flash models.

Luckily there are more and more affordable no-glo trail camera alternatives out there. Spypoint BF-6 falls directly into that category.

A Simple No Glo Trail Camera

BF-6 was designed to be a reliable and easy to use entry level trail camera, and to provide only the most useful features at affordable price. We think that Spypoint has succeeded quite well in this task.

BF-6 provides images at 6 megapixel resolution. Daytime pictures won’t send shivers down your spine, but there is also nothing to complain about. The pictures are clear, sharp and well in balance overall.

Night time pictures are pretty decent quality, considering this is a black flash camera. There is plenty of graininess in the images (from time to time) and the images tend to be bit dark. On the positive side, the illumination is well spread throughout the field of view and whiteout of the objects should not be a problem with this camera.

bf-6 camera unitDetection sensor of Spypoint BF-6 works pretty damn well. BF-6 uses 5 zones detection sensor that detects motion well up to 60ft with a detection angle of 30°. And since the trigger speed is less than 1 second and the field of view of the camera is 50°, you will not end up getting false triggers and empty frames. A nice bonus in this trail camera model is the adjustability of the detection range. It is a feature you may find useful for example in surveillance use.

As mentioned before, BF-6 offers only the basic features. The camera records standard 640×480 video clips, knows how to tag the images, and has multi-shot and delay modes, but that’s about it.

BF-6 is famous of exceptionally good battery life. It is actually powered only by 6 AA batteries which still keep it running for ages. But if you want to extend your battery life even more, you can use Spypoint’s lithium battery pack that lasts three times longer than standard alkaline batteries. It also withstands cold better than the normal AAs.

Spypoint BF-6Features

  • adjustable image resolution, 6MP (Hi) or 3MP (Lo)
  • full color day pictures, black and white night pictures
  • photos stamped with time, date, moon phase and temperature
  • AVI video clips up to 90seconds at 640×480 resolution
  • approx. 1 second trigger speed, recovery time 10 seconds
  • 35 No Glo IR flash with range up to 50 ft
  • adjustable detection distance from 5 ft. to 65 ft., detection angle 30°
  • field of view 50°
  • Multi Shot mode up to 4 images
  • Delay mode; 1 to 15 min interval
  • Set/Test Mode for detection testing
  • LCD status display
  • powered by 6 AA batteries
  • USB and TV Out connections
  • 12V DC input for external power
  • Python® cable lock compatible
  • ¼” -20 socket for tripods and tree mounts
  • supports SD/SDHC memory card up to 32GB
  • weatherproof casing with Camo color
  • Dimensions 5.1” x 6.9” x 2.6”
  • one year warranty


Spypoint knows how to make trail cameras that are very simple to set up and use. What they also know is how to make awesome user manuals. The manual isbf-6 review really worth checking out, since everything is well laid out with pictures and text. Nothing is left uncovered. And for additional support on the field there is also a quick instruction manual printed inside the camera case.

The fact that the whole internal camera unit is removable makes the handling of the camera very easy. It is so handy to change the batteries or SD card and modify settings when you can take the whole camera unit out.

Battery life is simply great.

Detection sensor works really well and there are very few empty shots.


Night time image quality leaves room for improvement. This is a common problem with most no-glo IR trail cameras though.


Spypoint BF-6 is a good option for the less technically inclined customers. It really offers only the basic features, is easy to use and provides decent images (and video).

If you are looking for an affordable game camera for surveillance purposes, this is probably one of the best options at the moment.



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