Tasco 3MP Trail Camera Review: Is This Really the Best?

Tasco 3MP Trail Camera Review: Is This Really the Best?

Today let us review Tasco 3MP Trail Camera.

Tasco trail cameras are famous mainly because they are cheap.

FeaturesTasco 3MP Trail Camera
Detection range80 ft
Trigger speed1 Second
Memory2 GB
Battery life90 days
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You can find them eg. in Walmarts and various online stores equipped with a price tag of less than $50.

Many people consider Tasco trail cameras as cheap Chinese crap.

But we believe that they have their own place in today’s trail camera scene.

Besides the majority of today’s trail cameras are manufactured in China anyway, and what comes to Tasco as a brand.

They have been operating in sports optics market for more than 50 years and nowadays they are actually part of ATK Sporting Group, a consumer branded products company that is dedicated to producing top-quality products for example for hunters.

Also, Bushnell and Primos are part of the same group.

Tasco 3MP Trail Camera review

Build and design 

The Tasco 3MP Trail Camera is a sleek looking trail camera. With its casing, it gives a modern appearance unlike most of the other trail cameras in the market.

Painted black, the casing allows the camera to blend in the dark especially when it has already been set up along with the flora and fauna of the outdoors. 

When it comes to the size of the camera, it is small enough to fit a person’s hand. It means that you won’t have any problem hiding the camera from animals or packing it in your bag when it is already time to leave the area. 

Other than its stealthy and sleek appearance, it can also protect the internal parts of the camera once it is already set up in the wild.

The casing protects the camera from both dust and water damaging the parts of the camera. The casing of the Tasco 3MP Trail Camera can let the camera function in both hot and cold situations, making it functional regardless of the season. 

The casing is also responsible for allowing the camera to be set up in the wild without any problem. The casing allows the camera to be strapped on a tree or a post. 


Tasco Trail Camera, model number 119223C is a 3 megapixel trail camera that is as basic as a trail camera can get. It lacks every fancy feature that today’s trail cameras typically have. Basically, only selections you can make are shooting mode (video or still photos) and resolution (3MP or 1.3MP).

The camera is capable of recording short, 15-second video clips at the resolution of 640×480 @ 15 frames per second.

This Tasco 3 MP trail camera features traditional incandescent Xenon flash that has an effective range of about 16 feet.

So even though the flash range is somewhat limited when compared to many other trail models out there, you will be getting full-color night pictures with this camera.

Detection circuit

  1. Picture trigger: 1 second
  2. Picture recovery: 5 seconds 
  3. Video trigger: 1 second 
  4. Video recovery: 5 seconds
  5. Detection range: 45 feet

Though the camera doesn’t have the highest resolution in both video and photo, you can still commend the manufacturers for giving the camera a good trigger speed.

Once it has detected movement within 45 feet, the camera’s trigger will come off in just one second. It means that you can easily capture moving animals even from afar.

However, don’t expect much in terms of clarity or if the image is going to be recognizable given the low quality of photo and video that this camera has. 

When it comes to the recovery of the Tasco 3MP Trail Camera, it only recovers after at least 5 seconds.

It simply means that there is a chance that you won’t be able to capture a moving animal again. The camera’s recovery speed is more suited for animals that are just staying in one place. 

It might be frustrating at first, but that’s exactly how the Tasco 3MP Trail Camera was designed. Even a 1-second trigger won’t do much if the animal you are trying to observe is moving too fast. 

The trail camera is perfect if you are simply observing slow-moving animals in a particular area. And since it has a detection range of 45 feet, the camera can observe in an open field. 


The battery life of Tasco 119223C is rather good. The actual battery life depends heavily on how many night time shots the camera takes.

This is because the Xenon flash tends to eat batteries more than IR LED flashes typically seen in trail cameras. Anyhow you should expect battery life to be somewhere between 50 and 90 days

Tasco claims that the camera is able to function up to 90 days with one set of 4 C-cell batteries.

The pictures and videos are stored on SD memory card, this model accepting memory cards up to 8GB. Photos come tagged with date, time and moon phase info.


  • As mentioned in the very beginning of this Tasco review, this 3MP trail camera is almost as cheap as it can get, so the price is definitely one of the biggest strong points of this camera.
  • The picture quality of the camera is rather good for a trail camera with 3MP resolution. One could say that on picture quality Tasco competes on an equal par with the original Primos Truth Cam 35. A small bonus is that the night pictures are in full color.
  • Setting up a trail camera could not be easier. You mount the camera, insert a memory card, press a few buttons, close the camera, test it, and it’s good to go. The control panel is really simple with only five buttons and the plain LCD panel supports you in the process.
  • .Even though the casing of the camera is not camouflaged, this camera is still easily concealed due to its compact size (4.6″ x 5.3″ x 2.05″).
  • Limited warranty of two years is definitely a nice bonus if you happen to encounter any technical problems with the camera.
  • The trigger speed of 1.6 seconds is actually quite good.


  • Xenon flash is nice if you appreciate color night time pictures, otherwise it can be considered as a burden.
  • First of all, it consumes batteries faster than LED IR flashes.
  • Second, bright flash reveals the camera location (if you use it for property surveillance) and can spook the game when used as a trail camera.
  • Third, the flash range is very, very limited.
  • And last but not least, xenon flash means that you can’t record video during night time.
  • So even if you are operating the camera in video mode it actually automatically switches into still shooting mode for the night.
  • This trail camera is very basic, so especially if this is your first trail camera, it is very probable that you will start craving for more features and the better performance quite soon after the first crush.


As we stated in the very beginning, Tasco 3MP trail camera has its place on the trail camera market. It is an easily approachable entry-level camera that does not place a heavy burden on your wallet.

If you are on a tight shoestring budget, can live with the limited picture quality (compared to more expensive models) and really don’t need any additional features, Tasco is a good choice.

But if you can invest another $20 or so, you should definitely check this review of Moultrie A-5 before making any buying decisions.