Trail Camera Buying Guide – Trigger Speed and Recovery Time

Trigger speed and recovery time are both features to be aware of when you are purchasing a trail camera. Trigger speed, also known as shutter speed, is the time that it takes for the camera to take picture after it has detected motion. Trail camera trigger speeds vary from 0.1 seconds to 4 seconds. Typically trigger speeds in cheaper trail camera models are somewhere between 0.8 and 1.5 seconds. If you are planning to use your camera to shoot fast moving game, then having a quick trigger is important. However if you are planning to use the camera on a feeder the trigger speed is less important.

Recovery time is one of the least recognized and discussed features in trail cameras. Yet it can be one of the most important criteria when you are selecting your trail camera.

Recovery time is the time that it takes a camera to take a shot, store the picture to memory card, and be ready for the next shot. There is a great variation in recovery times between trail cameras. Some cameras are able to take a picture every 30 seconds or so. Some newer trail camera models are able to take new picture almost instantly. One again it all comes down to the planned use of the camera. Trail cameras with a long recovery time can work just fine on a feeder but not necessarily on fast moving game trail. If you want to capture everything that enters the detection zone of the camera you want to select a camera with fast trigger speed and fast recovery time.

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