What are the Best Affordable Trail Camera Models Out There?

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moultrie front pageOffering of trail cameras has literally exploded in recent years. There is a huge amount of manufacturers on the market today offering wide range of cameras from simple and cheap to highly advanced and expensive. You can buy a game camera with all the bells and whistles from HD video recording to SMS, MMS and email remote properties, or you can invest your money in cheapest basic 3 megapixel trail camera with very limited features. Or then you can choose something in between these two options. And this is when things can get complicated…

You see, there is a limited amount of really high end trail camera models out there. And there is also a very limited offering of those dirt cheap trail cameras on the market. But when it comes to amount of cameras on the middle ground – there is plenty of them. Thus it can be somewhat puzzling to find the best trail cam option for your budget and needs. And that is exactly why CheapTrailCameras.com exists. This site is an information resource made for you. This site works as an all-inclusive guide and a one-stop-shop, that will help you to find the trail camera that provides best bang for your buck.

Selecting the Best Trail Camera

So how do you find a trail camera that is both affordable and has all the features you need? Well naturally you first have to specify what the features that you will need are. Now, if you are a complete newbie when it comes to trail cams and you are not sure what you need to take into consideration when looking for entry level trail cameras, I recommend you to check our Trail Camera Buying Guide. It is a comprehensive online guide that goes through, in detail, the most important features of game cameras that you should know about.

If you are already familiar with trail cameras and their different features, then I suggest that you start your journey below this chapter and check the quick trail camera reviews of the top rated trail cameras on the market today.

Best Trail Cameras Under $100 – TOP3

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1. Stealth Cam P12

Stealth Cam P12 reviewed

Stealth Cam P12 is a rather new trail camera model compared to Moultrie A-5 and Primos Truth Cam 35. Still we believe that it is the best cheap trail camera at the moment. The reasons? First of all the price is really competitive. It is currently sold roughly at $60 at Amazon.com. Second, the camera itself is solid quality, cabable of providing excellent 6 megapixel day time images and 30 second video clips at 640×480 resolution. And what’s important this trail camera really is newbie friendly. Thanks to Quick Set programming you can set up this trail camera in no time.

Stealth Cam P12 is not 100% perfect though, but in order to learn more about its stregths and weaknesses you should check the full review in here.

2. Moultrie A5

Moultrie A5 Game CameraMoultrie A5 definitely deserves to be on our TOP 3 list. Moultrie A-5 is among the cheapest trail camera models being sold at the moment and it is among the best selling Moultrie models ever made. Despite of the low price A5 is a full-blooded trail camera, offering surprising amount of features. The camera provides 5 megapixel pictures and AVI video clips at 640×480 resolution. The IR flash has a range up to 50 feet and since the LED emitters of the flash are low-glow type, you won’t spook the game.

The quality of the photos is solid, both in day and night pictures. And with 4 C-cell batteries A5 can take up to 8000 shots. That’s pretty amazing battery life. Trigger speed of the camera is approx. 2 seconds, which is fast enough for most hunters out there.

All in all Moultrie A5 is well designed small camera that is easy to use and that has proven its durability in the field. If you want more information about this camera, I suggest that you check our full A-5 review in here.

3. Primos Truth Cam 35

Primos Truth Cam 35 is a trail camera clPrimos 35 assic and one of the best selling game cameras of all time. Even though Primos Truth Cam 35 can’t compete in the amount of features with the latest trail camera models, it has other strengths. These include the price (Truth Cam 35 is sold roughly at $80 at the moment) as well as the simplicity and durability of the camera.

Primos Truth Cam is easy to set up, and in no time it will be providing you good quality 3MP images. This camera is fast too, trigger speed is approx 1.5 seconds, and only 0.3 seconds if the camera is not in sleep mode.

Truth Cam 35 is almost as simple as a trail camera can get. It offers you very good value and basic line of features. If you need more features from your Primos camera, then you should check the more recent version of this classic, called Truth Cam ULTRA 35. Or if you want to learn more about the original Truth Cam 35, then check out this review.

Best Trail Cameras Under $150 – TOP3

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1. Browning BTC-6 Dark Ops

Browning Trail Camera - Dark Ops Browning Dark Ops is as astounding as its sister model. It provides everything a hunter can ask for. There are very few differences when compared to Strike Force. Biggest difference is that Dark Ops uses No-Glow IR LEDs, making it invible for human and animal eye. This fact makes Browning Dark Ops an excellent choice also for surveillance purposes. We are not even going to try to go through all the amazing features here. For more detailed information read our full review of Dark Ops.



2. Primos Truth Cam ULTRA 46 HD

Primos Truth Cam ULTRA 46 HD ReviewPrimos Truth Cam ULTRA 46 HD is the best affordable trail camera model from Primos for a long, long time. ULTRA 46 HD takes absolutely wonderful 7 megapixel images and is also capable of recording HD video clips. The Low-Glow flash of the has power to illuminate the night time pictures up to 80 ft. The camera is solid Primos quality and made to last. The price of Primos TC ULTRA 46 HD is really competive, making this camera a true value pack. For more info, check the full review in here.



3. Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo

Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Camera Stealth Cam is a true pioneer when it comes to trail cameras and trail camera development. After all, they are the company that made trail cameras mainstream.

G42 No-Glo is a completely new model from Stealth Cam and it offers remarkable amount of features with affordable price. The 10 megapixel images that this trail camera produces are just plain beautiful. And what’s best, G42NG also knows how to shoot HD video with sound.

G42NG is No-Glo camera with really powerful flash. You may want to consider buying this bad boy for surveillance purposes also.

Though this model is bursting with features, Stealth Cam also knows how make cameras that are easy to use. G42NG features a Quick Set  mode that allows you to set up your camera in seconds. This Stealth Cam model definitely deserves its spot among the top trail cameras. We recommend checking the full review of Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo in here.

More Trail Camera Reviews?

Not satisfied with our top cameras lists? That’s okay, we got you covered. From the chart below you will find all the cameras we currently have reviewed, at a glance. As you may see this chart only provides the most basic information of each camera. Thus if you feel like you want more information, please check this more comprehensive comparison chart or you can select the camera you are interested in from the chart below and continue to detailed trail camera review simply by clicking the “Read Review” -button. [table id=15 /]   I hope that you find the information on this site useful and that you will find the best trail camera for you needs with the help of the information provided here at CheapTrailCameras.com. The site is constantly updated and new reviews are added as more and more new trail camera models enter the market. However, if you feel that there is a specific camera model that should be reviewed right away, please leave a request through Contact Page. Thank you for visiting CheapTrailCameras.com!   Sincerely, Pete

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