Wildview TK30 Scouting Camera

Wildview TK30 Scouting Camera

Wildview TK30 ReviewWildview is a part of GSM Outdoors group, the same group responsible for Stealth Cam brand trail cameras. Where Stealth Cam is mostly concentrated offering more advance trail cam models, Wildview on the other hand is all about basics.

Wildview TK30 is the sister model of Wildview TK40 that we have reviewed in here. Both cameras are simple entry level trail cameras offering only the essential features at a relatively cheap price. The major difference between these models is that TK40 is equipped with no-glow IR flash, whereas TK30 features standard low glow IR flash. Also TK40 is bit more advanced when it comes to shooting videos. Other than that, there are very few differences between these two models.

Like its sister model, Wildview TK30 provides 8 megapixel images (image interpolated from 5 megapixel sensor). During daytime the camera does quite decent job actually. If there is plenty of light, TK30 has no problems delivering nice, colorful images. But when the amount of light is limited and if there are shadows in the field of view, TK30 is in trouble. In those cases the objects in images tend to be somewhat dark.

Quality of night images is on standard level for a trail camera of this price range. One could expect that 30 IR leds would provide decent amount of light, but the flash is a bit disappointing. The flash range is barely the promised 50 ft. and the illumination is very centered.

Wildview TK30 is one of the fastest trail cameras in its price category when it comes to trigger speed. The trigger speed is astounding 0.5 seconds. But the recovery time is more than anticlimax; 20 full seconds.

Wildview TK30 Features

  • 8MP image resolution (HI 8MP and LO 5MP)
  • photos stamped with date, time and moon phase info
  • standard  AVI video clips (15/30/60 seconds)
  • trigger speed approx. 0.5 s.
  • 30 low glow IR LEDs flash with range up to 50 ft
  • field of view 50°
  • detection angle 48°
  • LCD display image counter
  • time-lapse mode
  • burst mode 1, 3 or 6  shots per trigger
  • test mode for testing the camera coverage
  • delay options; 20 seconds, or 1 / 5 / 10 minutes
  • powered by 8 AA batteries
  • low battery LED indicator
  • supports SD memory card up to 32GB
  • integrated mounting strap
  • weatherproof casing
  • USB and 12V external power jack
  • one year limited warranty



Setting up TK30 is really easy, thanks to fact that all functions are controlled with a few toggle switches.

Trigger speed is amazing and thanks to fact that the field of view is a bit wider than the detection zone, you should not end up getting empty frames.


The biggest downside is the recovery time of 20 seconds. Recovery time like this sets some limitations for use of this trail camera model and it may not be the best option for fast game trails.

The battery life is a bit disappointing. Thank god TK30 runs on AAs, so at least it is possible to use rechargeable batteries.

The flash is a bit disapointing.


Wildview TK30 is as average as a trail camera can get. There really are no superior features in it. Well ok, the trigger speed is really good but outside that, it is really hard to find real strong points from this trail camera. On the other hand there are no earth shaking flaws in it either. In a nutshell, it is a standard trail camera for standard applications like deer feeders.



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